Women’s Shelter Uses ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ As Toilet Paper

A battered women’s shelter in the UK is exercising a rather extreme form of criticism for E.L. James’ best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. They’ve decided to turn donated copies of the erotic novel into toilet paper, fit for many an English fanny.

MSN reports that a women’s shelter in the UK is accepting donated copies of the smut novel, initially to burn them in a Fahrenheit 451-style bonfire. The plan has since changed. Clare Phillipson, the shelter’s operator, has decided on an alternative recycling technique for donated copies of Fifty Shades.

Turning them into toilet paper.

Why do this? Because the themes of Fifty Shades, which include sadism and masochism, are “vile,” according to Phillipson. The BBC reports that the charity, Wearside Women in Need, said that they received roughly 24 copies of Fifty Shades, which they have promised to cut up and “recycle.”

On the process used to decide the fate of the books, Phillipson said:


“There were a range options. We discussed the book burning while getting the message across that this book is a dangerous trend. I think we’ve got a culture now which has completely sexualized women and in which women feel obligated to take part in that culture. We want to draw a line under that.

“We will be cutting them up, using them for toilet roll and sticking them on our compost heap and they will go back into the ground … although the ideas they represent will continue.”

Publisher Random House said: “The sex scenes are entirely consensual.”

What do you think should be done with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey?