Bob Beckel Returns To ‘The Five’ Nearly Restoring Original Line-up

Where has Bob Beckel been? This question is suddenly being posed now that he returns to The Five on the Fox News network this week.

The Inquisitr covered news about Bob Beckel’s removal from the program due to issues with the network, where they said they were tired of him holding them hostage over his own personal issues. The conservative news service only employs a small group of liberal voices in the network. Beckel’s return to The Five is a clear indication that they’re interested in holding onto him, especially since the show does well with ratings.

At the time that the co-host had been forced to leave the network, he reportedly failed to show up for a long period of time in 2015 due to painkiller addiction, which is connected with back surgery he had in March of that year according to a previous report by Inquisitr.

With Bob Beckel back on The Five, it nearly returns the show to its former panel, which he has initially co-hosted since 2011. He too appears to be glad of his return to the show and the network.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to go home again and join my television family around the table of The Five. I have no doubt it will be a vigorous yet entertaining debate.”

Where Has Bob Beckel Been?

Since Bob left the program, he signed with CNN in October of the same year. The Democratic pollster has continued to defend his political perspective on the network — when they’ve used him — around the candidacy and now soon-to-be presidency of Donald Trump.

Bob Beckel returned to The Five as early as Monday evening, which should generate a lot of positive responses from the fans. Despite being a Liberal, Beckel has shown the kind of aggression that results in great ratings for the network often described as conservative.

In 2010, one article by The Huffington Post wrote about when he suggested that Julian Assange of Wikileaks should be illegally shot since he did not believe in the death penalty. He made offensive statements about Jewish-Americans in 2012, referring to them as merchants, which was covered by Algemeiner In 2013, he made a statement about rapes on campus and what many consider to be racist comments about Muslims and Chinese immigrants.

Even with the removal of Roger Ailes last year, not much has changed among the top executives at the network. Bill Shine was the executive vice-president of programming when Beckel left, who also released the statement about their falling out with the co-host. Now, Bill Shine is co-president of the entire network, along with Jack Abernethy. In a more recently prepared statement, Fox News Channel CEO Rupert Murdoch himself welcomed the political analyst’s return to The Five.

History Of ‘The Five’

Bob Beckel seen with 'The Five' panel.

Initially, The Five was the program that replaced Glenn Beck’s highly rated show. Both Bob and Dana Perino have similarities in that she played a role in the George Bush administration while he was with the Carter administration. Former co-host Andrea Tantaros made headlines in 2016 with her sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes, which according to Inquisitr, caused them to remove her from her role as co-host of Outnumbered, which she began after leaving The Five in 2014.

Andrea Tantaros at 2015 White House correspondence dinner.

The program is one of the few on the network that features hosts from different political perspectives such as Juan Williams (NPR) and Kimberly Guilfoyle (ABC), but the only one in the roundtable format which Roger Ailes models after The View. Others on The Five include Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfield.

There is an overall perception that his prior removal from Fox News was not because of his controversial or inflammatory statements. At times, Beckel has even used foul language on the air and has hardly apologized for most of the statements he’s made. Given his tendency to be aggressive, Bob Beckel’s return to The Five within days of Trump’s inauguration, there is no doubt that he will have a lot to say and the show will continue to remain high in the ratings.

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