Woman Uses Chicken To Shut Down A Guy Who Asks For Nude Pictures Via Text Message

What would you do if a guy (or girl for that matter) sent you a text message asking for nude pictures? This 25-year-old woman from China shut down a guy's request for nude pictures by giving him what he wanted. But, probably not the way he wanted it.

Per The Huffington Post, a 25-year-old from China named Monconjay Brown taught the internet a thing or two about how to handle a guy asking for nude pictures when she posted pictures of a text message conversation she had with the guy on Imgur.

"Some a**hole online kept hammering me for nudes." she wrote on Imgur. "He got what he asked for ;)"

Picture of chicken
Picture of chicken [Image by meempatcha/ShutterStock]

Just how did this 25-year-old woman from China respond to the guy's request for nude pictures via text message? Well, she sent him a series of pictures of chicken.

"I wanna see your body too." The guy she met on a dating website called OkCupid asked via text message.

"You wanna see my body?" She questioned in response followed by several smiley faces kissing hearts. She went on to ask the guy exactly what it was he wanted to see nude pictures of. Her thighs? Her legs? Her breast? He responded by saying he wanted to see any pictures she had.

So, she responded to his request for nude pictures – sort of.

First, she sent him a picture of a chicken thigh followed by the text message, "My thigh."

Next, she sent him a picture of two chicken breast and followed with a text message saying, "My breast."

Finally, she sent him a text message with a chicken leg followed by a text message that said, "My legs."

The 25-year-old woman from China, however, was not done there. She decided to send the guy who asked for nude pictures via text message a few more messages. She asked him – in all capital letters – if she was juicy enough for him and then said she could even "strip" for him. She followed that text message with a picture of chicken strips with a bowl of sauce sitting beside them.

She followed the picture of the chicken strips with a text message that said "OMG SAUCE ME." And then she sent him another picture with a close-up of the sauce sitting beside the chicken strips.

She finished up her response to the guy who asked for nude pictures via text message by sending a creepy but satisfied looking black and white picture of a face.

At no point in time during her response to his request for nude pictures did it appear as if the guy attempted to respond to her. The Huffington Post claims the guy may have just "chickened" out of the conversation altogether.

Social media platforms such as Twitter have started ranting and raving about the 25-year-old's response to the guy's request for nude pictures via text message. Most of the responses include social media users finding the way she sent him chicken pictures to be hilarious. Some of the responses even claimed they too were going to start sending pictures of chicken parts when a guy asks them for nude pictures in the future. Some of the social media responses to the woman shutting down his request for nude pictures via text message can be seen below.

How do you feel about the way this woman responded to the guy's request for nude pictures via text message? Do you think more people should respond to this request with nude chicken pictures? Share your thoughts on this hilarious response with us in the comments section which can be found down below.

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