Dr. Pepper Commercial: Lil' Sweet Causes Social Media Uproar But Is It Disrespectful?

The latest diet Dr. Pepper commercial featuring Lil' Sweet (played by American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini) is causing an uproar on social media this weekend. The commercial, posted by iSpot TV, shows a "tiny man" riding a "tiny horse," singing to a couple of cowboys and then showing off with some rather flamboyant rope work.

While the commercial was likely intended to be entertaining, many television viewers have a big problem with the 30-second spot. The similarities between the Lil' Sweet character and the late and beloved artist, Prince, are self-evident and undeniable. Said similarities seems to be the source of ire for many of these outraged viewers.

This diet Dr. Pepper commercial is making waves on Twitter this evening with several users tweeting their disgust with the company and its decision to continue using Lil' Sweet to represent their brand.

Check out some of the reactions below.

As you can see, the diet Dr. Pepper commercial featuring Lil' Sweet is gaining a lot of traction, which is generally good. However, many people seem absolutely disgusted that Lil' Sweet's resemblance to Prince is so obvious. Several people have said that airing the commercial after Prince passed away is in poor taste.

What some may not realize is that the Lil' Sweet character was created long before Prince's untimely death. That said, many people still feel that Lil' Sweet shouldn't be a Dr. Pepper staple anymore, out of respect. On the flip side, the diet Dr. Pepper commercial starring Lil' Sweet is entertaining plenty of other people and isn't causing any kind of commotion for them. Several people have actually weighed in and told of their enjoyment of Lil' Sweet and the new commercial, which you can watch below.

After watching the diet Dr. Pepper Lil' Sweet commercial, which side of the issue are you falling on? Do you think that Dr. Pepper should discontinue airing these commercials out of respect for Prince and his family, friends, and fans? Or, do you think that the commercial is entertaining and that Lil' Sweet is a fun character that does his job of promoting diet Dr. Pepper?

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