January 15, 2017
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony To 'Rekindle Romance' -- Is Love With Drake Fake?

Jennifer Lopez and Drake's love story is the hot new narrative in Hollywood, but if reports are to be believed, Jennifer Lopez is not entirely over Marc Anthony, her ex-husband with whom she shared a hot kiss on stage recently. It's been said that Drake's relationship with Jennifer Lopez won't stop Marc Anthony from rekindling the romance with her.

The sources have said that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are the "real deal" and aren't just having a fling. "They've gotten very close fast," added an insider, the Daily Mail reported.

It's been reported that Drake is completely in awe of her. More so because he has idolized her ever since he was very young.

"He's totally enchanted by her," a source said.

"She was his childhood crush!" a friend of Drake's said. It's been said that Drake wanted to have that experience with Jennifer Lopez. "He wanted her to have that experience," explains a source.

"This is a super passionate, crazy, and intense roller coaster ride — as most of Jen's relationships are. She is head over heels for him, and he seems to super dig her too," a source told Hollywood Life.

However, the sources are not ruling out the fact that Marc Anthony is feeling the chemistry between he and Jennifer Lopez. It seems like Anthony believes that JLo and Drake are together only for publicity.

"He feels that old chemistry...he thinks Jen and Drake are playing it up for publicity," a source said of Marc.

[Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]
[Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

The coming together of Jennifer Lopez and Drake shouldn't be seen as strange because they share a lot of common interests. It is quite obvious from their pictures. Also, Jennifer Lopez is having a lot of fun with the rapper.

"They listen to music and talk a lot," says a Lopez source.

"They're both single, attractive and have a lot in common, so it's natural. They really like each other," Us Weekly reported.

The Inquisitr had earlier reported that Marc Anthony has a certain chemistry with Jennifer Lopez that's pretty hard to ignore. The duo "have magic when they sing together," says a source.

The source went on to say that it's this chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony that brought the two together.

"That's how they came together last time. There is just this chemistry between them." But it remains to be seen if the chemistry is enough for a lasting relationship.

Also, from what Lopez says about Marc, it can easily be assessed that she has a lot of respect for him.

"Marc is a living legend. He is a magical and pure artist giving away classics that will stay forever. He will always be many things in my life."

Do you think Marc Anthony will be able to win Jennifer Lopez back?

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However, it's also been said that Jennifer Lopez's friends are worried that once her chemistry fizzles with Drake, she will be left heartbroken.

"Everyone's concerned it's going to burn bright, but quickly fizzle out once the passion and crazy chemistry subsides a little, and Jen's going to be left totally crushed," a source told Hollywood Life.

And let's not forget that Casper Spart, her ex-boyfriend, isn't exaclty out of the equation yet. There is a very good possibility that they might get back together.

The sources have said that Casper and Lopez are just taking a break.

"I think she and Casper will get back together. He's a great guy and she's knows it. They just need a break right now."

Do you think Jennifer Lopez and Drake are in a serious relationship, or is Marc Anthony going to win her back? Will Lopez consider reuniting with Casper Smart? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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