Miles Hughes: Alleged Nazi-Enthused English Teen Raped, Stabbed, And Carved 15-Year-Old In Cemetery

A man from northwest London was recently found guilty of violating a teen girl in ways that left her both psychologically and physically scarred.

The trial of Miles Edward Hughes, an 18-year-old West Hampstead resident, capped on Thursday with the alleged party being found responsible for the brutal rape and attempted murder of a 15-year-old girl. According to Get West London, the victim, who survived the attack, was also forced to walk away with another lingering memento of her harrowing ordeal in the form of her assaulter's first name -- Miles -- being carved into her upper arm with a Stanley knife.

During deliberations, court officials heard how on June 9, 2016, Hughes, who was 17 at the time, lured his young victim to the historic Hamsptead Cemetery, a known resting place for veterans and other military personnel. While there, the two were said to have conversed about music before Hughes suddenly changed the subject to serial killers and monsters.

"[He asked], 'How would you react if I said I was going to kill you,'" the girl relayed during court proceedings.

miles hughes
The alleged rape and assault took place at Hampstead Cemetery, seen here. [Image by Jim Linwood/Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]

Hughes then purportedly pulled out his Stanley knife and began scratching his moniker into her skin, before slamming her to the ground to rape her. In the midst of his sexual assault, he also stabbed the young woman several times in the chest and neck, intending to kill her. Luckily for his reported victim, a passerby caught wind of Miles Hughes' actions and screamed for him to halt immediately. Although he was able to flee, he was snagged by police shortly thereafter.

A search of the defendant's room uncovered several disturbing pieces of pro-Nazi memorabilia, including a hand-drawn image of a clown wearing a swastika with etchings of '666' around the paper. Additionally, during his trial, Hughes himself admitted that he laughed throughout the rape of the young woman, and that he told a friend of his that he enjoyed seeing the victim "begging on her knees."

"I intended to cause her really serious harm," he was noted as saying, despite a previous claim of him not meaning to kill or rape the girl (Hughes asserts the sex was consensual).

The victim ultimately suffered minor injuries from the attack, but a member of the Metropolitian Police's Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, Det. Gary Fernon, says that Miles Hughes created deeper wounds that will take a lot more time to heal.

"[She is] still coming to terms with what happened [following the] terrifying ordeal," Det. Fernon explained to the Hampstead Highgate Express. "I am pleased that [Miles Hughes], who was just 17 at the time of the attack, now faces a long spell behind bars for this horrific crime."

While leaving the gallery following his judgement, the 18-year-old was rumored to have waved to the audience. He is due for sentencing in late February.

In related news, another English teen was recently handed a nine-year detainment for the alleged rape of a 62-year-old woman.

The supposed rapist, 16, who cannot be publicly named for legal reasons, reportedly accosted the elderly female in Nottingham after first raping another earlier that day in another section of the English city, BBC News states. The older victim, who refuses to depart her home following the attack, relayed in a statement sent to Nottingham Crown Court just how the attack affected her once "independent" life.

"I always need someone with me when I go anywhere now," she explained.

"I have been made to feel that I won't be safe anywhere. I feel I've lost my freedom."
As he was sentenced, Judge Gregory Dickinson QC referred to the 16-year-old's actions as being "violent, sustained, brutal, and degrading."

"These offences are shocking enough," he continued, "but what makes it all the more extraordinary for the court and the public is that you are just 16 years of age, committing terrible crimes with very serious consequences for the victims."

Along with the two counts of sexual assault and attempted rape for the elder victim, the defendant also plead to an additional account of sexual assault for the other woman, 22.

[Featured Image by Metropolitan Police]