Polling Location Update: Gov. Cuomo Allows Voting Anywhere For Voters Displaced By Sandy

New Yorkers displaced in the aftermath of Sandy got a favorable polling location update today from Gov. Andrew Cuomo when it was announced that those who’d been affected by the super storm would be able to vote at any polling site.

Polling locations in areas affected by Sandy in New York are a mixed bag right now, with many located in areas that still lack electricity or heat and transit in much of the City and State still affected by the storm’s wrath.

Gov. Cuomo is allowing affidavit ballots across the state to cope with the number of residents unable to reach their local polling place tomorrow, issuing an order this afternoon to grant the waiver. In a memo to all County Boards, it was stated:

“Governor Cuomo is signing an Executive Order which provides for a voter who is a resident in the federally-declared disaster counties of Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk, Westchester and of New York City (which includes Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond) who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy:

“1. To vote an affidavit ballot at any poll site in New York State, other than their regular poll site;
2. Every Board of Elections in the State shall transmit the completed affidavit ballot of any voter who resides in one of the above counties to the Board of Elections where such voter is registered to vote to be canvassed;
3. The affidavit ballot can only be canvassed for such contests for which the person was entitled to vote at such election.”

Cuomo’s memo explains:

“For example, a voter staying with family in Orange County who was displaced from Westchester, would be entitled to vote for statewide contests and Supreme Court (because those 2 counties share a judicial district) and possibly a congressional or state senate contest. A voter who sought refuge further upstate might only be eligible to vote in the statewide contests, as they would share no other offices/contests.”

Polling Places Move Hurricane Sandy

Of the situation, the Governor said:

“It’s a difficult situation … The Board of Elections appears to be working hard to do everything they can. But you have people who are displaced. We’re trying to do the best we can. We want to allow everyone to vote and make it easy as possible.”

Are you in New York and unable to access your polling location due to Sandy?