‘Pharma Bro’ Troll Martin Shkreli Gets Dog Poop To The Face At Canceled Milo Yiannopoulos Rally

Protesters at UC Davis showed “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli and Milo Yiannopoulos exactly what they thought of their appearance on campus by throwing dog poop, and landing a blow in the face of pharma pro Shkreli. Shkreli and Yiannopoulos both banned by Twitter, showed up for an event sponsored by the Davis College Republicans, that was shut down when protestors blocked the venue.

Martin Shkreli got the worst of it, while being pelted with dog poop, as he took a pile to the face at an event that was billed as “A Twitter Villain Extravaganza,” says Esquire. Both men are ardent Trump supporters who have both been kicked off Twitter for harassing women. Protestors were able to shut the event down before either man was able to speak by creating a blockade.


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A camera courtesy of ABC 10‘s Frances Wang caught Shkreli, who is perhaps best known for bumping up the price of a critical cancer drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill, taking a pile of poop to the face while protestors chanted.

“You piece of s**t!”

College Republicans put out a statement, ironically saying they are against hate.

“We will not stand for the regressive left perpetuating violence, censoring speech, and spreading hate.”

University officials said that there was no way to continue with the event, marketed as #SHKRELOPOULOS, and keep attendees safe, says the Washington Post.

“It was no longer feasible to continue with the event safely.”

Milo Yiannopoulos and the campus Republican Club lashed out after the event was canceled by marching on the campus of UC Davis. Milo stood on the bench with a megaphone, saying that the “violence of the left” should not be tolerated. He ranted that the campus organization was heavily influenced by police and campus officials.

“We will show the university they cannot shut you up because you have a different political opinion.”

Though there were rumors of violence and broken windows, police say this isn’t true. The only violence was the poop to Shkreli’s face. Yiannopoulos was asked to speak on campus as part of his “The Dangerous F**got Tour.” He then asked Martin Shkreli, former chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, to join him as a guest speaker, to attend the event that was supposed to take place on Friday the 13th.

Prior to the event, students wrote letters, condemning Yiannopoulos for hate speech against people of color and women, but the university responded that they support free speech.

“The university’s commitment to free speech is not an obligation to provide a formal podium for every form on nonacademic, hateful rhetoric that student groups wish to bring to campus.”

A similar event at the University of Maryland was canceled the necessary security fee was considered too high for a campus event. Shkreli, who also is known as “Pharma Bro,” and who was also arrested in 2015 on securities fraud charges, said he thought it was reasonable for the campus event to be canceled.

Do you think that people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli should not be surprised when they are met with angry outbursts? Do you think this is what they want? And do you think it’s Okay for extreme leftis anarchist agitators to disrupt free speech in this way?

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