Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Stands Behind Utah Monument

Jessica Dafoe

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a very vocal environmental activist and has not let up on making people aware of the very real concerns that come with global warming, despite Trump's belief that it's all a hoax. The Revenant star has donated millions and spoken to world leaders, including the Pope and President Obama to inspire a united front on tackling the effects.

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"[Leo's] environmental group is one of several donating to create the $1.5 million Bears Ears Community Engagement Fund, which is aimed at supporting local efforts to preserve natural resources and protect the park's trove of ancient archaeological sites from things like looting."

Such tribes were responsible for inspiring the Obama administration to build the monument, which will serve to protect the land from various activities that would bring harm to it, such as mining.

Page Six reminds that "President Barack Obama designated the 1.35-million-acre monument in the Four Corners region in December despite objections from Utah Republican leaders and rural residents who said it will add another layer of unnecessary federal control."

DiCaprio has been behind the initiative for a while now. In 2016, he used social media to urge people to sign a petition for the cause. The monument has become a point of contention, as expected, by those who see it as a form of control and although many do see preserving the land as necessary, many are worried that there will now be too much control and disallow the public to use the land for simple activities and pass times like, fishing, hiking and camping.

As noted, Leonardo is always sure to donate and support causes involving environmental preservation and those which his star pals are passionate about. Earlier this month, DiCaprio was sure to become involved in Sean Penn's fundraising event for J/P HRO Haitian Relief Fund, which seeks to raise money for Haitians who have been hit with tragedy over the past few years due to terrible natural disasters and poverty. Leo did his part by placing the $125,000 winning bid for an art piece by Ed Rushca.

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As E! noted, the evening was certainly star-studded.

"The celeb guest list also included Diane Kruger, Trevante Rhodes, Lily Collins, Pamela Anderson, Jason Segel, Soleil Moon Frye, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Connie Britton, Sophia Bush, Edward Norton, Veronica Ferres, Patricia Arquette, Joel Edgerton, Rachel Zoeand Emile Hirsch."

It is always heartwarming to see celebrities using their wealth to benefit those who have nothing.

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