Lee Hyun Woo And Red Velvet’s Joy To Star In New Korean Drama, EXO Kpop Idols Chanyeol And Kai Cause Netizens To Battle It Out Online

Lee Hyun Woo and Joy of Red Velvet have officially landed leading roles in the upcoming Kdrama, The Liar And His Lover, according to All Kpop. The highly awaited Korean drama was produced by Kim Jin Min PD of Marriage Contract and Time Between Dog And Wolf. The movie is a remake of the Japanese manga, Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru. Kim Jin-min has directed other popular dramas such as Pride And Prejudice. A popular live-action Japanese film version of the manga by Aoki Kotomi is already in existence.

Lee Hyun Woo will be playing the character, Kang Han Gyul, a genius composer who finds his musical inspiration within voices. Gyual lives under a hidden identity and is in deep emotional pain. He eventually finds a woman whose voice lifts him out of his dark depression. Joy, born Park Soo-young, will portray Yoon So Rim, a high school student who falls madly in love with Kang Han Gyul at first sight.

In the manga, the characters had an age gap. However, Total Variety Network (tvN) is approaching the television series with a more youth-drama feel.

Lee Hyun Woo shared his excitement and concerns about the upcoming Kdrama.

“I’m excited that I got to meet the charming character Kang Han Gyul, and the time spent worrying about how to portray him is joyful itself. I will work hard and show good sides of me as I’m greeting viewers for the first time in a while.”

The drama will capture how this musical prodigy is awkward and unsure when it comes to the world of romance and love.

Netizens Battle It Out Online

It has been recently announced that EXO’s Chanyeol will play one of the lead roles in MBC’s upcoming Kdrama, Missing 9. The news was followed by the announcement of Kai, another EXO member, taking on the lead role in a KBS’ upcoming Korean drama, Andante. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joy of Red Velvet will be starring in tvN’s upcoming drama, The Liar And His Lover.

Very heated debates amongst netizens have begun following the news of Kai, Joy, and Chanyeol landing lead roles in Korean drama’s so quickly in their acting career. Many netizens feel it’s unjust for some stars to land major roles before other outstanding actors. Other netizens accused SM Entertainment of somehow abusing their authority in the entertainment industry to obtain leading roles for their newest talent.

It’s not uncommon for pop stars to cross over into acting and a number of netizens are content with this fact. However, many stars are landing epic roles in their third, second, or even first acting project. Many netizens find this to be unfair.

There are other netizens who have judged the pop stars on their talents. Many believe their acting skills are not up to par for lead roles in major productions. In fairness to seasoned actors, some netizens insisted these stars should first be given supporting roles to enhance their skills.

Other netizens are elated with the news and repeatedly insist the stars worked hard to secure the roles. The netizens in support of the stars claimed the production team wouldn’t give the stars such paramount material if they could not channel the essence of its characters.

Lee Hyun Woo
Lee Hyun Woo is confirmed to have lead role in 'The Liar and his Lover.' [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

Lee was also involved in the Chinese web drama, The Most Beautiful First Meeting. The online series is based on a popular novel with the same title in China. The drama is centered around first loves who enter each other lives again seven years after breaking up.

Lee portrayed Go Soong, a guy who appears tough on the outside but couldn’t let go of the memory of his first love. His co-star, Yu Xin Tian, plays his love interest. The series will be available via a Chinese portal website and will be broken into 30 parts.

Lee Hyun Woo had great things to say about the romantic Korean drama.

“I am happy and have high expectations for being able to greet my fans there through Chinese drama, The Most Beautiful First Meeting. I am diligently preparing in order to show good acting, so look forward to it.”

In March of 2016, Lee Hyun Woo returned to filming through a Chinese drama, according to All Kpop. It was this year that he landed his first leading role in KBS2’s Moorim School. Woo portrayed Yoon Shi Woo, a top idol whose hearing loss destroyed his career. Woo’s character ended up at the mysterious Moorim School, where he learned to change his personal flaws.

The highly awaited series starring Lee Hyun Woo and Joy has been confirmed for the network’s spring Monday through Tuesday slot.

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[Featured Image by SM Entertainment and Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Promotions for Moorim School]