China Teacher Promises To Put On French Maid Outfit If Students Raise Grades

Here’s a guess: When you went to school, your incentive for good grades was probably candy or a sticker. Well, these days , or at least in China, one teacher decided to take it a bit further. The teacher in China’s Guangxi province raised the stakes and made a last ditch effort for her students to pay attention and hit the books.

A move that was probably not taken well by her educational department, the teacher in question, who right now is anonymous, promised to come to school dressed up as a sexy French maid if her students obeyed her and earned top grades in an upcoming monthly exam.

Well, it looks like the students took the bait. Now a photo of the unknown teacher is surfacing of her in the sexy outfit with students looking on. Photos of the teacher who showed up in her sexy maid outfit hit the social networking sites in China. Of course, the photos incited both negative and positive reactions to the choice of bargaining made with her students.

The original poster who put the photos up has now removed the images, but, of course, as we all know, once something takes life on the internet, you really can’t kill it. The pictures are said to have been grabbed by thousands and passed all over. Now you can see them on The Inquisitr.

What do you think about the teacher bargaining her sexy french maid outfit with her uninspired students? Is this the next new wave of inspiration for better grades?