Katy Perry Wears Skintight Ballot Dress During Obama Rally

Are you voting tomorrow? What if the ballot was Katy Perry shaped? The famous pop-singer donned a skintight dress that was painted up like a voting ballot at a recent rally for President Obama.

The Ticket reports that Perry has been performing a string of free concerts for President Obama. The singer has been using two dresses for her shows. One of her minidresses has Obama’s “Forward” slogan on it and the other is marked up to look like a voting ballot. The skintight ballot dress clearly indicates that Perry has cast her vote for President Obama and Joe Biden.

Perry has been traveling with the Obama campaign recently and has been encouraging young voters to head to the polls.

The President said:

“I am so grateful to Katy Perry for the unbelievable performance. I’m getting to know Katy, she’s such a wonderful young lady.”

President Obama isn’t the only one to get help from the world of music during this campaign. Kid Rock has been rocking out for the GOP candidate. Romney was also joined by Meat Loaf at a campaign rally last week. But Romney may be trying to forget Meat Loaf’s performance…

Here’s a video of Katy Perry in her skintight ballot dress.

Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Are you going to vote tomorrow?