'The Big Bang Theory' Canceled? That May Be Up To Sitcom's Star Jim Parsons

Is The Big Bang Theory canceled or is Season 11 in the works? There were rumors as far back as April of 2016 alleging that the tenth season could be the last, as reported by the Inquisitr. Apparently, Jim Parsons had told a journalist that the show was to be winding down for good, but fortunately for the show's fans, it turned out to be a bogus claim.

So what has gotten the rumor mill started again regarding the cancellation of The Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the show, is again at the center of rumored speculation that the cast of the Primetime comedy will not be filming an eleventh season.

Jim Parsons poses for selfies with fans
Jim Parsons poses for fans' pictures at the 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards on December 11, 2016. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Tripped Media reported that at the present time Parsons is interested in projects outside of The Big Bang Theory, as he has an accomplished history as an executive producer, a fact which reportedly isn't talked about all that much.

"Speculations have been ripe that Parsons is prioritizing the production of other shows, and that's why Season 11 may not be possible for Big Bang Theory."
It is believed that if Jim does decide to leave the sitcom behind, it would be pointless for the other cast members to go on without him, as his character is so essential to both the plot and fans of the show.

Jim is also involved in the production of Lance 2.0, The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t, Lakeside V.A., and The Terranauts.

Lance 2.0 is a comedy about two lovers who must deal with the bizarre after-effects after one of them suffers a mishap and their entire persona changes.

Lakeside V.A. will be a comedy show as well, which centers around a group of hospital personnel who must change their tune when they get a tough new boss.

Parsons will be putting comedy on the back burner with The Terranauts, a sci-fi drama based on the literature of T.C. Boyle, which will be about scientists of the future and air on the CW.

There is not enough information about The Monarchy is Going To Sh*t yet to offer a detailed explanation.

Ostensibly, CBS is planning a Big Bang Theory spin-off with Parsons' Sheldon to be the main character, and Tripped Media reports it to be one of the projects Parsons wishes to produce, though he wishes to remain behind the camera for the show.

As of now, the spin-off, which would double as a prequel, would aptly be named Sheldon and focus on Parsons' Big Bang Theory character during his older adolescent years. None of Parsons' cast mates would be a part of Sheldon, and presently those working with Jim on the project maintain that at the moment, it's a mere idea and nothing more.

Possibly feeding the rumors that The Big Bang Theory may soon be canceled is the fact that cast members are in talks about contract renewals coupled with a desire for their salaries to be increased, and while the Inquisitr reported that these negotiations for higher pay shouldn't turn into a huge problem, it's obviously an important to-do in order for The Big Bang Theory to return for a future season.

So is The Big Bang Theory canceled? The answer to that is no, but it also cannot be said with one hundred percent certainty that it will be renewed for Season 11, let alone Season 12 or 13.

It seems the man who plays the sitcom's quirky, yet unforgettable Sheldon is the person to watch closely regarding The Big Bang Theory's continuance. It's been going strong for ten years, 222 episodes, multiple Emmy's, one Golden Globe and touched the funny bone of millions. And it's those millions who don't wish to see it canceled.

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