‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Episode 5 ‘Say The Word’

The Walking Dead spoilers for “Say The Word” almost seem to be anti-climatic after deaths of two main characters during “The Killer Within” episode. Although few juicy spoilers ever leak out from the tight lips of TWD staffers, it would be shocking if Episode 5 would be an less exciting than all the new shows so far this season.

Lori fans may still be clinging to the hope that she isn’t actually dead, an Entertainment Weekly interview with Robert Kirkman puts that pipe dream firmly to rest. Faithful viewers can stop hoping that Carl really didn’t shoot his momma in the head and that Carol wanders across a still breathing Lori and somehow manages to save her. Lori is dead, gone, and will no longer appear on the show excerpt as a vision to the grieving Rick.

Rick and Glenn are expected to get into some sort of a physical altercation during the next episode of The Walking Dead, according to the Comic Book website. During a sneak peek, a voice is heard saying, “You shouldn’t be in here.” Then Rick reportedly appears on the screen and moves toward Glenn in a wild and attacking manner. Since preview clips show Glenn digging graves for T-Dog, Lori, and Carol, it is likely that he and a helper were attempting to move Lori’s body for burial when Rick walks into the room.

Although it is not 100 percent certain, all indicators note that Carol is still alive and will find her way back to the prison cell occupied by the group during the next TWD episode. Daryl reportedly makes it his mission to save Lori’s baby girl. He may be a bit rugged on the outside, but Daryl does seem to have a big soft spot for children.

Carl is expected to move his emotions inward, just like his father. As he tries to distance himself from the group, one member steps up to take the lad under a wing. Which character do you feel will be Carl’s new mentor? Will Daryl and Carol finally share more than a friendly-flirty platonic moment when the two cast eyes on one another again?