Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs LG G6: Specs & Features To Expect Based On 3D Renders

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are both hitting the market this 2017 and with their looming release, the leaks, rumors, and reports about them have been piling up faster than ever. 3D renders of these upcoming flag bearers have started to circulate online giving us a glimpse of specs and features we could expect from them upon their respective releases.

News website for all things mobile GSM Arena provided an exclusive report showing 3D renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which came from a case maker who wants to stay anonymous. The images were reportedly based on accurate schematics.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with USB-C port is shown in the backfground while Justin Denison speaks during the phablet's launch event.
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Even though there were only three renders sent, they were able to say a lot about the design changes coming to Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as some of its possible specs and features. Describing the new design of the Galaxy S8, as shown in the 3D renders, GSM Arena shared the following.

“First off, Samsung has taken the ‘edge’ design forward, the side curves of the display are much more pronounced, pushing the bezels out of sight. Something else was kicked off the front – the Home key. That was moved on screen and the fingerprint reader it used to house was pushed under the glass.”

From the angle shown in one of the renders, GSM Arena noted that it looks like a microUSB port will be present on the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, GSM Arena noted that it is “unlikely” for the Korean conglomerate to use previous technology especially since Samsung utilized the more advanced USB Type-C port for Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy A series 2017 model.


Furthermore, based on these Galaxy S8’s alleged 3D images, Samsung’s 2017 handset could be sporting stereo speakers that are placed above and below the screen. And unlike Apple that controversially removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7, it looks like Samsung will still equip its next flagship smartphone with this feature regarded as easily one of the most popular music essentials today.


For those curious about the Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera specs, there’s no dual cam setup shown in the renders suggesting the renders only depicted the standard version. Latest reports have revealed that the dual cam setup will only be available for the larger variant, which is currently being referred to as Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Meanwhile, some 3D images of the LG G6 have been available since late last month, courtesy of @GearIndia and @OnLeaks, who is known as one of the prolific tech tipsters in Twitter.


LG G5, LG’s current flag bearer is one of the modular smartphones released last year. But unfortunately, it did not perform very well in the market. Hoping to recover from their operational loss last year, LG is reportedly dropping the modular design and will instead go back to a unibody design for the LG G6, as also shown in the renders, My Smart Price explained. As for other potential specs and features for the LG G6, the renders also showed the handset sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, and a loudspeaker.


The LG G6 is initially expected to have a 5.3-inch Quad HD display just like the G5 but considering the latest teaser from the Korean tech company, the upcoming handset is now expected to boast a QHD+ 5.7-inch display with 2880 x 1440p resolution. Furthermore, unlike LG G5 that comes with “slightly contoured” screen, the 2017 model could be equipped with a fully flat surface.

Moreover, as exhibited by the renders, LG G6 could have a dual camera setup and dual-tone LED flash located at the back of the phone. Below them is the fingerprint scanner which also functions as the power button of the smartphone.

Considering the unofficial release calendar, the LG G6 will take the spotlight in time for Mobile World Congress 2017. Pocket Lint surmises that LG will launch its new smartphone on February 26, a day before MWC kicks off. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8, though initially pegged for MWC launch, is now reportedly slated for an April 18 release.

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