February 10, 2017
Reagan Tokes: Ohio State University Student Found Dead 15 Minutes From Campus

Reagan Tokes is the name of an Ohio State University student who was found dead only a short distance from campus, according to the Toledo Blade. The fact that Tokes was found dead on Thursday in a Columbus suburb has tributes pouring into Twitter and Facebook for Tokes, and has set some Ohio State University students on edge, wondering who killed Reagan. Tokes' body was found, according to the Columbus Dispatch, at approximately 1:10 p.m. near the long driveway leading to the beginning of Scioto Grove Metro Park, which is only a 15-minute drive from parts of Ohio State University's campus, according to Google Maps.

Initially, Grove City police described Reagan's vehicle as a missing vehicle, potentially a stolen 1999 Acura -- a silver and four-door car. With stickers representing the Miami Dolphins and Ohio State's "Block O" in the window, Tokes' car was distinctive. However, the 21-year-old Reagan Delaney Tokes would sadly be found dead after leaving her job at Bodega Cafe on Wednesday evening.

Reagan had been shot, but police would not reveal further details beyond that in Tokes' homicide case. Investigators believe Tokes died of a single gunshot wound, but autopsy results are still pending at this time.

Meanwhile, Reagan's sister -- Makenzie Tokes -- had previously posted the following desperate tweet prior to news of Reagan's body being found, asking anyone for help in the search for Reagan.

After the news about Tokes' body being found, Makenzie updated her Twitter feed with the following tweet, which said that although people hear about such tragedies on the news all the time, she didn't think it would ever happen to Reagan. Tokes was a Toledo-area psychology major who was first reported missing by her roommates and coworkers. For Reagan to not contact anyone was called out of character for the young woman.

Toby Tokes, Reagan's dad, did not offer comments to Toledo's The Blade at the behest of authorities.

According to 10TV, a couple who was visiting Scioto Grove Metro Park found Reagan's body directly at the entrance of the park. Police have not told the public about any suspects or motives in Reagan's killing as of this writing. Tributes like the following are pouring into social media as news of Reagan's death spreads.


Reagan graduated in 2013 from Anthony Wayne High School. Tokes' Twitter account last published a tweet that spoke of tearing up upon seeing her diploma frames. The Reagan Twitter account @reagantokes shows a profile photo of Tokes spraying Champagne, with a profile description that calls Reagan "buckeye born & raised • OSU 2017," and gives a shout out to Biggie Smalls with the " 3/9/1997 RIP Biggie" tribute.

Tributes like the above Facebook memorial from Brittney Swanzer speak of what a good friend Reagan was to many. Other tributes to Tokes, like the one below, warn Ohio State University students to move carefully around the area and to have buddies accompany them whenever possible.

Kathryn Marie: "Reagan Tokes, a student at Ohio State, went missing Wednesday night, and was found dead 30 minutes from campus. I didn't know her personally, but she is a Buckeye, and that makes her practically family. The last public post on her Facebook was about how much she loved OSU and being a Buckeye. It breaks my heart that this beautiful woman's life ended in such tragedy. Please pray for her family as they move through this horrific, dark time. Please be safe, no matter who you are or where you're going. We shouldn't have to live in a world where we look over our shoulder and travel in pairs, but unfortunately we do. Always have a battle buddy, and always make sure someone is awaiting your call."

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