Sam Worthington Arrested In Atlanta

Avatar star Sam Worthington was arrested for disorderly conduct over the weekend.

TMZ reports that the Australian actor was refused entrance at Vortex Bar and Grill, a restaurant in Atlanta, because the people at the door felt he was too intoxicated.

Witnesses told police Worthington became disorderly and allegedly pushed the doorman twice. The doorman pepper sprayed the actor and put him in handcuffs until the cops arrived.

The incident was reportedly captured by a surveillance video.

The doorman, Jerry Link, said Worthington told him he was a DEA agent. Worthington is playing a DEA agent in his upcoming film Ten, which also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Link said the 36-year-old actor came to the restaurant wearing a dirty hoodie and carrying several clothes. Link and others assumed Worthington was a homeless person and refused to let him inside.

The charges against Worthington were dismissed Monday morning because Link didn’t show up to court. Link says no one asked him to show up.

Ten follows a group of DEA agents that deal with the world’s most deadly drug cartels. The team raids a cartel safe house in what is a pre-planned theft by the DEA squad. The agents hide millions of dollars in stolen cash and are soon assassinated one by one. The film is being directed by David Ayer whose previous directing credits include End of Watch and Street Kings. Ayer also wrote the screenplay for S.W.A.T. and Dark Blue, and wrote Training Day.

In addition to Worthington and Schwarzenegger, the film also stars Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello, Olivia Williams, and Malin Akerman.