Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012: America’s Day Of Decision

Commentary | In less than 24 hours Americans will go to the polls to elect a President. Tomorrow’s election has been called the most important election in American history by pundits, journalists and supporters of both candidates. While that may turn out to be a slight exaggeration, there is no doubt that this election is crucial to the future of this nation.

On the surface, the two candidates seem to be total opposites. President Obama is a true believer in the far-reaching power of a strong Federal government, which he favors over state’s rights and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. He relies on Executive Orders and advocates placing more power in the hands of the President.

Mitt Romney is a highly successful businessman who amassed a personal fortune of over 250 million dollars. He earned his credentials as the President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics. His hard work as an Olympic Organizer launched his political career and led to his election as Governor of Massachusetts.

Neither man had much experience in government prior to running for President. Obama served one term as a US Senator. Romney served one term as a Governor. While Romney touts his business experience and faults Obama for lack of financial knowledge, the Democrats say Romney has no foreign policy expertise.

Obama portrays himself as a man of the people. He attended university on scholarships and worked for years as a community organizer. He has constantly attacked Romney as one of the landed gentry, who is out of touch with the middle class. He accuses Romney of supporting the ultra rich at the expense of the poor.


Romney appears to have taken the high ground in the campaign. Much to the dismay of many of his Republican supporters, he has resisted numerous opportunities to criticize Obama over a wide variety of issues, including the fiasco in Libya. Even after the Democrats slandered Romney over his tax returns, he refused to retaliate by mentioning Obama’s sealed personal records.

The polls have been unpredictable at best and we wonder if anyone really has a feel for the pulse of this election. Democrats have put on their poker face and exude confidence. Republicans claim the American people are fed up with four years of Obama’s failures and will sweep the President out of office on Tuesday.

While no one can be sure who will win tomorrow, one thing is entirely clear; Americans need to exercise their greatest freedom and vote. Our nation has a dismal record on election day, with the lowest voter turnout of any Western nation. We are reminded of the days when El Salvador was finally freed from the vice grip of Somoza and people walked for days through the jungle just to vote. Over 90 percent of that tiny nation managed to vote, while here in America we are lucky if the turnout hits 50 percent.

There is no excuse. It doesn’t matter who you support. What matters is that you utilize the power you have been given and take the time to cast your vote. Tomorrow is America’s day of decision and your participation is needed.