Julie Bowen Picks Stephen Colbert For Sexiest Man Alive

If Modern Family star and Emmy winner Julie Bowen was on the staff at PEOPLE, she would have a bit of a different take on the sexiest man alive. Each November the magazine announces their annual sexiest man alive champion. Last year it was Hangover star Bradley Cooper, and this year, if it was up to Bowen, it would be funny man and political talking head Stephen Colbert.

Speaking at Baby2Baby’s first annual gala, she had expanded on the thought saying, “Other than my husband, it’s Stephen Colbert. My hall pass. He’s just so funny.” At the event, guests were tasting Beau Joie champagne while they supported children’s ear and clothing initiative.

Julie Bowen also gave an update on her own kids, who seem to be a bit different from her Modern Family brood. “Oliver is actually fantastic. They all sleep in the same room now, on the floor. They have beds. They don’t like to sleep in beds. Oliver has stopped calling them John and Other John.”

On the other side of her life, Bowen’s career is moving full steam ahead. Her show Modern Family picked up a ton of awards at the Emmys, and she picked up her second Emmy for the show as well. However, her big wins hasn’t presented other work options. Bowen says, “I’m still looking for a hiatus job. Apparently women of a certain age … if Claire is my last job I will take it. I’m not unhappy.” The actress continued, “I’m not trying to figure out ways for the world to see me differently and shave my head and, you know, get busted for drugs or something so that I can be a bad girl.”

Who’s your vote for sexiest man alive?