'My Hero Academia' Season 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2017: 'Boku no Hero Academia' Manga Spoilers Tell UsThe Sports Festival Story Arc [Video]

The My Hero Academia Season 2 release date has officially been confirmed for 2017! Anime fans who can't wait to find out what happens next to All Might and Izuku Midoriya can turn to the Boku no Hero Academia manga for figuring out where the story will go next, never mind possibilities for My Hero Academia Season 3.

The Boku no hero Academia manga super punched its way into everyone's hearts back in 2014 when Weekly Shonen Jump began to publish author Kohei Horikoshi's manga. Fast forward to April of 2016 and the first season launched to good ratings and it seems like the future for this anime will be amped up as its main protagonist.

Surprisingly, Horikoshi described himself as "pretty depressed about things" when he began working on the Boku no hero Academia manga since his second manga series was canceled shortly after being serialized. He was "really surprised" when his editor mentioned his work was to be animated while discussing the manga rankings. It took several days for the realization to hit home.

"Ah, this is great, I'm getting an anime," Horikoshi recalls thinking in an English interview published on Reddit.


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The Boku no hero Academia creator says he loves Spider-Man from American comics and that he designed the My Hero Academia characters with Spider-Man in mind.

"A hero to me is somebody that helps and brings reassurance to others," the manga author explained. "In Spider-Man's case the first experience I had with this character was the movie, in which there were a lot of scenes with him rescuing people, which I felt that was really cool."

Anime have been almost too well known for having high school settings but Horikoshi said he chose to start in school precisely he loves stories where audiences learn "how an individual hero came to be before they become real heroes themselves, which is why I pick a high school setting, a place inspiring heroes can learn. But it does become a problem when trying to branch out the multitude of storylines."

Horikoshi has already revealed his plans for the future of the Boku no hero Academia anime and manga. But, first, let's go ahead and get the details related to the next season of the My Hero Academia's anime air date out of the way.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Release Date

Late last year, Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that My Hero Academia Season 2 would be coming out in April of 2017. The My Hero Academia anime will air on Saturday nights in Japan on the NTV and YTV channels. It's currently not been announced whether the second season will be limited to 13 episodes like the first season or be expanded to have 24 episodes.

Funimation has the license for the anime series for its North American release. Nothing official has been announced yet but it's probably safe to presume they will simulcast the new TV show as it airs in Japan. For the first season, Funimation streamed both a My Hero Academia English dub and subtitles version for audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

So far, two My Hero Academia trailer videos have been provided as a preview to the series. If you want to catch up on the first season, streaming sites like Hulu provide the English subbed version of the first 13 episodes to watch, as well.

My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers

So far all we know about the My Hero Academia Season 2 story is that it will start with the Sports Festival Arc. The ending of the first season (where Class 1-A defeated the League of Villains) coincided with Chapter 21 of the manga. Since there are 23 chapters in the Sports Festival Arc that means My Hero Academia Season 2 ending will probably reach its finale with Chapter 44.

Based upon the official artwork released by Weekly Shonen Jump, the newest My Hero Academia characters for Season 2 will be classmates from Class 1-B. Voice actors like Saki Ogasawara will play as Itsuka Kendou, the spirited Class President of Class 1-B. Known as Battle First, Itsuka's superpower involves making her fists massive for combat. Kouji Okino will play Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, a hot-headed boy who can transform his hair and other physical attributes into steel. Finally, Azu Sakura will voice Mei Hatsume, whose quirk allows her to have sniper scope-like vision and "zoom" up to several miles away, making her the perfect spotter.

My Hero Academia Season 2
[Image by Weekly Shonen Jump]

The overall story will focus on the U.A. Sports Festival, and several weeks worth of individual training, although the investigation into the League of Villains will serve as a minor backdrop. Izuku "Deku" Midoriya will be shocked when All Might tell him in confidence that his time as the leading hero is coming to an end and he wants Izuku to announce to the world that he's the "All Might" for the next generation.

The U.A. Sports Festival is designed to be a great test of each hero-in-training's quirks. The students navigate a treacherous Obstacle Race, a rope-covered canyon called The Fall, and compete in a 42-student Human Cavalry Battle where everyone is split into teams. Poor Izuku will find himself the envy and target of everyone else since he's wearing the 10 million point headband!

In the midst of all this action will be character development. We'll learn about the family of Shouto Todoroki, Izuku's main competitor during the Sports Festival, including his father Endeavor, the number two ranked pro hero underneath All Might. Shouto has realized Izuku is somehow connected to All Might but so far does not suspect the secret behind Izuku's powers.

For those who forgot, All Might can pass his quirk One For All onto others while other heroes rely on lucky genetics. But Izuku will learn there is more to his quirk than just super strength. This new "ability" may surprise some anime fans and we'll also learning some surprising history about All Might's past.

The rest of the story will focus on developing the backstories of the characters in-between matches in a Battle Tournament. Without giving away the ending, as you might expect a new evil rears its ugly head: a mysterious villain named Stain who has been killing Pro Heroes.

My Hero Academia Season 3 And Beyond

If the anime ratings continue to do well then audiences will eventually be able to watch as Izuku "Deku" Midoriya grows into an adult. Last year, Kohei Horikoshi revealed that the Boku no hero Academia manga had only covered about 20 percent of the story that he has mapped out. It is possible he may employ a "time skip" at some point in the story and he wants to showcase Deku and the other students as professional heroes.

"I do find the idea of an origin stories very fascinating, but it's not something that is going to be focused solely on," he said. "I also want to focus on their lives as an adult at some point. I want to touch upon stories akin to something American superheroes do.... When you're an adult, even as a hero you are likely to be expose to something like Drugs, Alcohol and Sex. That's the kind of coming of age story line I want to be able to tell in the future."

To give you an idea of the adult situations Horikoshi would like to do, he specifically mentions how an alternative universe Spider-Man accidentally causes Mary Jan to die after giving her cancer due to prolonged exposure to his radioactive semen. Needless to say, such adult content would probably be above the young intended audience for Weekly Shonen Jump so its possible the manga sequel could be a separate series. Horikoshi has already revealed the title for this series, calling it Boku no Hero 2: The Electric Boogaloo, although he may have been joking during the interview and he admits the title "isn't set in stone yet so I may change if the circumstances call for it".

Meanwhile, anime fans will just have to wait until the My Hero Academia Season 2 release date comes in April. Let's just hope animation studio Bones takes things to the next level!

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