Shaq Buys $235K House In Florida

Shaquille O’Neal must have dug out all of the money lying between his couch cushions because the former NBA star just bought a $235,000 house.

Yes, a $235K house is nothing to sneeze at but for the 40-year-old sports broadcaster, who has an approximate net worth of $250 million, it’s pretty much junk change.

It’s unclear why Shaq decided to buy a “normal person” home in Mount Dora, Florida since he already owns an 11-bedroom palace 30-miles away in Orlando. My guess is that Shaq’s favorite bar is in Mount Dora and he doesn’t want his name added to the ever-growing list of athletes with DUIs. TMZ speculates that Shaq bought the $235K house as a gift, an investment, or maybe just kicks and giggles.

The former NBA star’s new home is 3,900 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, granite counter tops and a wet bar. Which would be really nice if Shaq’s other house wasn’t an 11-bedroom mansion (dubbed Shaqapulco) with 20,000 square feet dedicated solely to basketball and an enormous garage filled with dozens of exotic cars.

Why do you think Shaq bought a $235K house in Mount Dora?