January 14, 2017
Bradley Jean Hubbard: Pensacola Man Charged With Raping Family Dog More Than 100 Times

Police in the Florida city of Pensacola say that a male resident repeatedly forced his family's dog to pleasure him sexually for more than three years.

The Pensacola News Journal reports that Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23, was picked up at his father's Pelham Drive home on Monday after another family member shared news of the long-term abuse of Hubbard's pit bull, Baby Girl, with law enforcement. According to the female relative, who also shares the home with Hubbard, his father, and his father's girlfriend, the accused was often witnessed taking Baby Girl into his bedroom, where he would then engage in sexual relations with the canine as the animal barked and groaned in pain.

During one instance, as relayed by WABC-3, the familial roommate says that she saw Baby Girl licking Hubbard all over his body as the man laid nearly naked in his bed. In another, she remarked that the dog made "close contact" with Hubbard's genitals in a way that seemed to satisfy him sexually. When confronted about what she had seen, she said that Hubbard referred to her as being "crazy," before ordering her to leave his room immediately.

The witness additionally remarked that they personally saw Hubbard raping Baby Girl through a hole in a door that the purported animal abuser had created following a past family dispute. Overall, they claim that he may have assaulted the innocent pit bull mix upwards of 100 times or more, with the first few times being outwardly and aurally contested by the dog, before it seemed to relent to its fate.

"The witness told police that initially [Baby Girl] would whimper in pain during the incidents," The Denver Channel notes, "but eventually stopped making noises as [Bradley Jean Hubbard's] attacks grew more frequent."

On December 28 of last year, the relative finally broke down and reported the matter to police after Hubbard once again grabbed Baby Girl, this time from her own bedroom, to assault the animal once more. After hearing unmistakable noises from Hubbard's bedroom, the family member purportedly ran out of the residence and contacted the Escambia County Sheriff's Office from a neighbor's home.

Following her call, Baby Girl was taken to a local veterinarian, where a specialized rape kit was used to confirm whether or not she been sexually abused. After the test came back with positive signs of damage to her genitalia, as well as remnants of human sperm, the move was made to arrest and charge Hubbard with the dog's rape. The vet also added that Baby Girl seemed to have incurred some kind of emotional or psychological damage, with the pit bull showing signs of heavy aggression and only being able to be "kind" to one person at a time.

Now housed at the Escambia County Jail on $15,000 bond, Bradley Jean Hubbard is facing charges of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and causing death, pain, or suffering to an animal. His first court appearance is scheduled for February 2. Hubbard's father says that his son is innocent of all charges, but the relative counteracts that the accused's father often covered for his son at the behest of keeping him safe.

Just last October, as noted by the Inquisitr, another young man was witnessed viciously raping his pet collie.

Twenty-four-year-old Sisto Michael Fea of Wilmington, Delaware, was ultimately charged with several counts of animal cruelty for the alleged repeated assault of his dog, Lola, after a neighbor reported seeing him mount the dog on the front porch of his home. Bail for Fea was lowered from $50,000 to $25,000 during his first court appearance that same month.

No word on the amount of jail time Bradley Jean Hubbard faces, but a USA Today post notes that Hubbard has been arrested a number of times since 2013.

[Featured Image by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office]