Dorit Kemsley Calls Out Lisa Rinna And Eileen Davidson For ‘Teaming Up’ On ‘RHOBH’

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Dorit Kemsley is a close friend of Lisa Vanderpump, and they were friends prior to her joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even though Dorit had no idea that she would be joining the cast of the show last year, she was a shoulder to cry on for Vanderpump, who struggled with a decision to leave the show behind. Vanderpump felt attacked by her co-stars and hinted to the media that she didn't know whether she wanted to keep filming. And she wasn't the only one who thought about leaving the show, as Yolanda Hadid announced her departure when the show started filming last spring.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley is now revealing that she's starting to see why Lisa may have wanted to leave the show behind. Vanderpump had claimed that she felt "ganged up on" last year and that her friend Kyle Richards had turned on her. During their trip to Dubai, she downright told Vanderpump that she didn't want to lie for her. But Dorit Kemsley is noticing how some of her co-stars are teaming up to defend one another, and the two co-stars she's referring to are Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna.

During game night at Kyle's house, Dorit Kemsley claims she noticed how Eileen kept bringing up "panty gate" repeatedly, even though Dorit and Erika had decided to put it to rest. And since Davidson is close with Lisa Rinna, it didn't surprise her that Rinna would get involved in the conversation to support Eileen.

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"Then when Kim started talking about Lisa R. and Eileen's relationship, I have to say some of that started to hit home, and it was precisely what I was explaining to the girls at the table. I can now see how Eileen and Lisa R. really look out for each other and how they could team up and go after someone. I can appreciate a close friendship, but it's starting to feel like one winds the other one up," Dorit Kemsley explained on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Dorit also revealed that the same was true when Lisa Rinna started talking to Kim Richards. When Lisa questioned Kim about the comments she had made about her husband, Harry Hamlin, a few years ago in Amsterdam, Kim claimed she never said anything. And that's when Lisa brought up Kim's arrests, which is clearly a sensitive subject. Kemsley isn't surprised that Eileen may back Rinna up in this situation, and she understands why friends support one another. However, Kemsley feels that the girls may help one another out to bring down others, as she herself talks about not having any bad intentions when she defends her friends.

"I, for one, will always stick up for myself and not allow people to bully me or drag things out to make more of a situation then it has to be. Even if it feels like four against one, I have to know I did my best to defend myself, particularly when I NEVER had any mal intent. To make out I was being hurtful or inconsiderate to any of them is ridiculous and untrue. I know we all have more interesting lives and experiences to share. I hope we can move on and focus on that," Dorit Kemsley explained on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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What do you think of Dorit Kemsley's observation? Do you think Rinna and Eileen are teaming up to help one another when they get into heated discussions with their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars?

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