Marlee Matlin Slams SNL Skit Parodying Bloomberg’s Sign Language Interpreter

Marlee Matlin has slammed SNL on Twitter after the late-night show took aim at the sudden fame of Mayor Bloomberg’s sign language interpreter Lydia Callis and her viral fame during Hurricane Sandy.

Marlee Matlin’s SNL complaints follow their Saturday send-up of Callis’ frequent appearances last week, with Fred Armisen as Mayor Bloomberg and Cecily Strong portrayed Callis.

In the skit, as Armisen imitated Bloomie, Strong engaged in a series of slapstick gestures aping American Sign Language and essentially mocking the use of it.

Overall, Marlee Matlin has been amenable to poking fun at herself.

But as she explained in a series of tweets after the SNL skit, the post-Sandy skit attacked it in an unacceptable and insensitive way.

Matlin tweeted:

Below, you can see the skit Marlee Matlin took issue with on SNL — do you see what is so offensive about the clip?