iPhone 8 Specs And Features: Role Of Samsung In The Upcoming iPhone 8

The rumors and leaks about iPhone 8 specs will not cease, but no one could possibly think that Apple could be considering redesigning its latest iPhone around its old-school but way popular back then, iPhone 4. Apple will unveil its latest iPhone 8 in September and as the date approaches, new rumors have been bubbling up in the media.

Apple is rumored to incorporate housing glass and stainless steel in the upcoming iPhone 8. Since the iPhone 4’s glass made the phone prone to having blisters here and there according to what reports suggested back in 2010, consumers and experts denounced and outrightly criticized the fragility of the iPhone 4. Will reverting iPhone 8’s design specs back to the iPhone 4 be a wise idea for Apple to follow through? Apparently, Apple thinks so.

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Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs & Other Rumors (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The iPhone 8 is rumored to have glass panels reinforced both on the back and front, along with a stainless steel bezel to improve robustness and reduce costs as well as the phone’s manufacturing time. Apple definitely seems determined to go forward with its decision, which is why it has commissioned Foxconn Electronics and Jabil to manufacture the necessary components for the new iPhone 8’s design.

Furthermore, the OLED front glass would also be accompanied by a fingerprint sensor integrated underneath the front cover. The iPhone 8 will also facilitate wireless charging. Its screen could be Dual Edge and double curve. It seems like Apple is infatuated with Samsung’s initiative of S7 Edge. In fact, all these design specs and features seem to fit perfectly with iPhone 8’s glass design.

Resistance to water has been a feature that has always rumored to the iPhone. A new report unveiled by the Korea Herald reveals that Apple is planning to increase iPhone 8’s resistance to water and dust, going from IP67 certification to IP68. While the IP67, in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, allowed phone protection when submerged into one meter of water for half an hour, the new IP68 allows 1.5 meters of submersion for the same amount of time.

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More than waterproof iPhones, Apple is getting ready to unveil an IPhone like no other.

Technically, the difference isn’t that much. However, so far only the Samsung Galaxy S7, launched at the beginning of last year, had such features in the smartphone arena. Apparently, the competition for the Korean firm is growing tough now. In fact, resistance to water and dust has been a trend widely adopted by smartphone manufacturers. Samsung, for example, has already adopted this feature even in its ‘J’ mid-ranged models. LG also aims to design waterproof phones this year, both in intermediate and premium segments.

Apple is also being anticipated for introducing the touch bar among other specs for its upcoming iPhone 8. The Touch Bar functions as a second screen showing icons, shortcuts, and contextual messages. The MacBook Pro incorporated this feature. If Apple were to move this feature to iPhone 8, it would be a panel similar to the one in the LG V10.

Reports also suggest that Apple could possibly ally itself with Samsung, who would provide its competitor AMOLED screens. This is not the first time that Apple and Samsung are collaborating together. In fact, no smartphone has been manufactured entirely by the firm that owns it. Still, the rumor is surprising not only because it’s Apple’s first iPhone that will come along with an AMOLED screen, but more because Samsung will be Apple’s sole supplier of the new iPhone 8, says Apple Insider.

Specifically, Apple plans to start manufacturing and production of its new iPhone in March, so as to have enough units in May or June to begin shipments in late autumn next year, as the tradition dictates. It is further rumored that Samsung will be manufacturing around 60 to 70 million panels for Apple in the year 2017.

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