Uma Thurman Is Unsuccessful At Banning Press From Covering Custody Trial

Amy Feinstein

Uma Thurman and her ex Arpad "Arki" Busson are battling over their four-year-old daughter and has made every effort to keep the press out of the courtroom, but the judge has denied her request. Thurman says that she wants to protect their daughter, and doesn't want information shared in court to be spread all over the internet.

Last year, when Madonna and Guy Ritchie were fighting over custody of son, Rocco, details were shared in the press on a daily basis, says the Inquisitr. And even though Madonna and Guy Ritchie were never actually in court, or even in the same city (Madonna was in New York, while Ritchie was in London), that didn't stop the details of the battle between the parents from being splashed across every entertainment site.

"I think it's a lot different now for children because 30 years ago you couldn't Google it. Now it follows the child for the rest of her life."


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But the judge, Justice Matthew Cooper disagrees, and says that everything in the report is favorable.

"Let's face it, the only problem in this case is that the parents don't like each other and that's the main problem."

"I cannot find that those compelling circumstances have been demonstrated, accordingly I will deny the motion."
"I have a responsibly to make sure that my client — who is not American, who is a French citizen, who has a home in London, and a home in the Bahamas, and has an American child — is able to see his child."
"He is not happy about that. The question here is about his love for the child. The question is, do foreign dads have rights? If he's going to be denied his rights they're going to be denied in public."

Do you think that Uma Thurman should be allowed to deny the press access to her custody hearing with Arki Busson?

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