NFL Ref Curses Before Crowd, Live TV Audience At Dolphins-Colts Game

An NFL ref curses on air during the Dolphins-Colts game Sunday, giving fans at home and in the stadium a shock to see the man in stripes lose his cool.

It was near the end of the fourth quarter of a tight game when audience heard the NFL ref’s curses, The Associated Press noted. A member of referee Tony Corrente’s crew called a conference of officials after a penalty with 5:22 left in the game. Indianapolis had just been called for 12 men on the field on defense, and the refs discussed where to spot the ball.

As a second referee called over to Corrente, the crowd heard as the NFL ref curses back: ” What in the f— are you guys doing?” The curse was loud and clear to the people watching at the stadium, the Indianapolis Star noted.

This part of the NFL ref cursing was only heard by the more than 66,000 fans in Lucas Oil Stadium, but the next part went live to the world. As Corrente was explaining the spot, he was heard cursing ”That was… god—- it.”

It has been an NFL season in which referees have taken center stage. Aside from NFL ref Tony Corrente’s curses on Sunday, the follies of replacement referees made headlines nearly every week to start the season. There were numerous flubs, the largest of them being an incorrect call at the end of the Seahawks-Packers Monday Night Football game that handed a victory to Seattle.

CBS broadcaster Kevin Harlan apologized on air for the NFL ref’s curses.

Here is video where the NFL ref curses, but be warned it contains not safe for work language: