'The OA' Ending: Five Burning Questions For Season 2

Britt Lawrence

If The OA gets a second season, it will have a lot of questions to answer. On the topic of The OA, the possibilities around Season 2, and the series providing answers, The OA's co-creator and star, Brit Marling, told The Hollywood Reporter this.

"So there is an end and there is an answer to every riddle and nothing is done to just be sound and fury going nowhere. It all goes somewhere."

Warning: Massive spoilers for The OA ahead.

When the gunman's final bullet fired through the glass, it struck her. She is hit in the center of the chest and suffered what might be a mortal wound. The next scene is of her being given emergency medical attention. That is when it happens. While Prairie is on the stretcher being loaded into the ambulance, a sort of "swish" sound can be heard, much like the one Hap (Jason Isaacs) describes when a person dies.

Only, when we see Prairie again, she is not with Khatun as she had been every other time she had an NDA. She is instead immersed in a brilliant white light. The OA's ending scene is a close-up of Prairie as her face lights up, and she calls out "Homer?"

It will be interesting to see how these questions are resolved should Netflix give The OA a green light for Season 2. The OA Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]