Lolo Jones Picked For World Cup Bobsled Team

Lolo Jones is about to become a world cup bobsledder.

The Olympic hurdler, who was was recently named to the US bobsled team, will make her competition debut this weekend at the Bobsledding World Cup.

Jones was one of three push athletes picked to compete in this weekend’s World Cup opener in Lake Placid, New York. Jones will be competing in the USA-3 sled, which will be piloted by Jazmine Fenlator. Tianna Madison, who is an Olympic gold medal sprinter, will be pushing USA-1 for Elana Meyers. USA-2 will be pushed by Aja Evana and will be piloted by Jamie Greubel.

The US Team has plenty of Olympic experience but they may not be too comfortable on the ice. According to Sports Illustrated, all three push-athletes competing for the United States this weekend are rookies. Jones has the least experience on the team. The Olympic hurdler tried the sport for the first time last month and this weekend she’ll be going up against some of the best bobsledders in the world.

Jones may be concentrating on bobsledding at the moment but the Olympic athlete is still pretty confident about her running game. Jones recently challenged Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson in a 40-yard-dash after Robinson foolishly said that he could compete against the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Are you a fan of Lolo Jones? Do you think she’ll help the US team this weekend at the Bobsled World Cup?