Where To Vote After Sandy In NYC

Where to vote on Tuesday (as the effects of Hurricane Sandy linger in the Northeast) may be the last thing on the minds of many in storm-battered New York City, but there are still a number of strong-willed citizens who will brave a crippled MTA and intermittent power outages to fulfill their civic duty.

If you are wondering where to vote or if your polling place has changed in New York City, there are some key changes post-Sandy of which you need to be aware in order to cast your vote tomorrow.

While subterfuge about where to vote in the days prior to an election is a common and age-old trick to suppress voters, polling places in New York City have indeed been subject to change following the storm, and keeping abreast of the changes will save you the hassle of heading out to the wrong spot and potentially losing your chance to vote in the coming election.

Sixty polling places in New York City have been moved, changed or otherwise affected by Sandy, one of which may be yours. City-centric blog Gothamist has made available the full list of polling place changes in the hurricane’s wake, noting that Mayor Bloomberg has urged citizens to proactively seek out their polling place in NYC citing a frequently-overwhelmed Board of Elections in the city now coping with Sandy’s fallout and quoting him as saying:

“Over the next day, it’s going to be critical that the Board of Elections communicate this new information to their poll workers. Unfortunately, as you know, the Board has had a history of not opening all poll sites on time, and they’re going to work hard to make sure that poll workers and voters know where they’re supposed to go on Election Day.”


For a full PDF detailing where to vote in New York City, head over to Gothamist to view the documents.