Donald Trump Prostitute Urination Scandal -- Other Outlets Had The Dossier For Months But Didn't Publish It

They're calling it "Watersportgate." BuzzFeed recently published a 35-page dossier which explosively claimed that Trump hates Obama so much that he hired prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed the Obamas once slept in, reports Spiked.

"[T]he intelligence document [says Trump] once hired prostitutes to piss on a bed the Obamas had slept in."
The New York Times writes that the source of the dossier is Christopher Steele, a former British spy with "some credibility." Steele reportedly "won a contract" to compile the information about Donald Trump.

The most widely-reported story from the dossier is the following: Donald Trump once traveled to a Moscow hotel where the Obamas had previously stayed. Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on their bed.

Trump was allegedly motivated to do this by his deep hatred of the Obamas.

There's another twist: Russian intelligence had reportedly put cameras in Trump's room, and they were able to capture Trump's entire hate-fueled, prostitute-urination adventure on camera.

The BuzzFeed-published document claims that Russian intelligence officers then turned around and blackmailed Trump.

So essentially, Trump is now under the thumb of the Russians and will do anything they say because he is terrified that the video of his antics with prostitutes will be released, according to the dossier.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia
President Putin allegedly has compromising information that could be used to blackmail Trump [Image by Alexei Druzhinin/RIA NOVOSTI/AP images]

Right-leaning, libertarian and pro-Trump outlets have of course been skeptical.

A columnist at The Herald Sun argues that by publishing the dossier, BuzzFeed has blown journalistic credibility right out of the water.

"The decision by BuzzFeed to publish a 35-page dossier on Trump didn't just stretch the merits of journalistic integrity; it tore it to shreds, set it on fire and then urinated all over its smouldering remains."
Buzzfeed is a youth-oriented, liberal media outlet famous for its viral lists and punchy, share-able content.

Spiked accuses anti-Trump journalists, who are perhaps bitter due to their belief that fake news compromised the Hillary Clinton campaign, of doing anything they can to bring down the president-elect, Donald Trump.

"[I]t's okay to push this fantastical 'news', these rumours, because their target is Trump, and we all hate Trump, right?" says editor Brendan O'Neill, tongue-in-cheek.

Spiked accuses BuzzFeed of being hypocritical. Editor Brendan O'Neill writes that BuzzFeed led the march when journalists were whining about the "post-truth" era and the perceived drop in journalistic standards. And yet, it was BuzzFeed who was willing to turn around and publish a "dodgy" dossier full of unsubstantiated and sensational claims about Donald Trump's behavior.

"And yet now these same people are publishing and sharing and snarking over a document that is utterly unverified, its source unknown, its claims unproven, and its tales about as tall as you can get. The dodgiest of dossiers."
The Herald Sun report claims that other outlets, including CNN, had their hands on the "dodgy dossier" for months, but they chose not to publish it.
"The saga elevated fake news to a new level. Multiple media outlets have had the infamous dossier for months and have devoted considerable resources to verify its contents which include explosive claims of bizarre sexual escapades, secret deals and Russian interference."
Columnist Rita Panahi argues that those media outlets did the right thing. Rather than just pop the document on the internet, the journalists at those publications spent time verifying facts, checking sources, and trying to establish the veracity of the information.

Panahi states that those journalists were not able to verify a thing, so they responsibly chose not to publish the information about Trump's adventure with prostitutes.

"Despite the insatiable appetite for anti-Trump material, and the best efforts of journalists to establish the veracity of the salacious information, no one was able to verify a thing and thus no one published."
[Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
[Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

BuzzFeed then came along and published the whole 35-page document without checking a single fact, writes Panahi.

Panahi dismisses the people at BuzzFeed as "cat video purveyors," hinting that perhaps readers would be foolish to expect any better from them.

"Then along came cat video purveyors BuzzFeed and without establishing a single fact published the entire document to the world."
Donald Trump has also come out criticizing Buzzfeed. On Thursday, Trump called BuzzFeed "a failing pile of garbage."

Donald Trump claims that James Clapper, the head of National Intelligence, has called him personally to denounce the dossier, reports Telegraph.

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