Dreamcatcher, K-pop Rookie Girl Group, Set To Debut With Spooky First Single ‘Chase Me’ — Check Out The Teasers [Video]

Dreamcatcher, Kpop’s newest rookie girl group, is set catch a batch of eager fans as they debut their horror-themed first single, “Chase Me.”

As Koreaboo notes, the theme behind Dreamcatcher is pretty unique. Many K-pop girl groups tend to debut with happy, upbeat, and colorful imagery, even if their music is edgy. We saw this when Pristin, the group formerly known as Pledis Girls, debuted not too long ago.

However, Dreamcatcher’s teasers for their first project are intentionally dark, somber, and downright creepy. Take a look at the teaser videos they recently released for “Chase Me.”

In the first teaser, we see a man who looks like he’s being followed by a woman carrying a doll standing in corridor. The whole thing seems inspired by the hallway scene in classic horror movie, The Shining.

Dreamcatcher was created by Happyface Entertainment, and consists of seven members: JiU, Yoohyeon, SuA, Dami, Siyeon, Handong, and Gahyeon. It’s actually a re-brand of Minx, a girl group that debuted previously and was the sister group to Happy Face’s Dalshabet.

JiU, Yoohyeon, SuA, Dami, and Siyeon were in Minx, while Handong and Gahyeon were added to form Dreamcatcher.

Although the imagery seems very horror-inspired, the music itself sounds very fast-paced, which is an interesting contrast in light of the visuals.


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But although they are pretty unique, Dreamcatcher isn’t the only rookie girl group being unconventional in order to promote themselves in 2017.

พรี #이달의소녀
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— พรีอัลบัม kpop-jpop (@JKstar_shops) January 12, 2017

As Inquisitr previously reported, new K-pop girl group, LOONA, is also doing things a little differently.

Technically, they’re a 12-member group, but all of the members have not been revealed as yet. The plan is to release the name and image of each girl every month, along with solo music from them and songs with previously revealed members. Fans will essentially get a year full of promotional teasers before LOONA drops their first project.

Created by Blockberry Creative, LOONA has revealed four members so far: HyunJin, YeoJin, HeeJin, and YeoJin.

Called “This Month’s Girl,” Blockberry started this promotional plan for LOONA in October, 2016. The full lineup will be unveiled in October, 2017.

It’s definitely a unique and innovative strategy which helps the group gain fans as they gear up for their official debut.

Dreamcatcher is set to release an album aptly called Nightmare when they debut.

As United Kpop notes, fans have already been prepped to expect superior vocal talent and dancing skills from the group-formerly-known-as-Minx, based on some singing and dance practice videos they put out last year.

Who do you think will have the more successful debut, Dreamcatcher or LOONA? Let us know what you think of both groups so far in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Happy Face Entertainment]