Anthony Weiner Wants Huma Abedin Back, Still Refuses To Watch Doc 'Weiner'

The election is over, and Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are wading through the fallout, coping with a separation, drastic career changes, fines over campaign funds, and possible charges of Skype sexting with a 15-year-old girl. Anthony Weiner is said to be trying to win Abedin back, but this has seemingly been the cycle of their relationship, sexting scandal after sexting scandal. For now, Weiner is said to be dividing his time between his home with Abedin, and his mother's home in Park Slope.

Huma Abedin released a public statement that said she had worked as hard as she could to repair the problems in her marriage to Anthony Weiner, but she realized that it's time to end the marriage and separate, says the Inquisitr. Abedin has been publicly humiliated throughout their marriage, and during Weiner's mayoral run, Abedin was further mortified, and it was caught on tape in the documentary, Weiner.

Huma Abedin announced that she was separating from Anthony Weiner in August after a picture that Anthony Weiner sent of his crotch while his son was next to him in bed made headlines, said The Daily Caller. But after a month of rehab, Weiner is said to be trying to get Abedin back. Sources close to the couple say he is making reconciliation his focus.

"Anthony did a month in rehab and is undergoing further outpatient treatment in New York. He and Huma continue to co-parent their son. He is spending a lot of time at their apartment, and lives the rest of the time with his mother."


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Friends say that they believe that after his $25,000-per-month rehab, Weiner understands that he has hit a new low, but some are still unsure.

"He knows he's hit rock bottom. But now they are both out of the limelight, they can focus on their son. They are actually getting on pretty well, and he and his friends are hoping that they might reconcile."

But other sources say that the idea that Huma would take Anthony back, giving him so many chances, is ridiculous.

And if Huma Abedin ever needs a reminder of that humiliation, and what it felt like to be disappointed again and again, she would only need to watch the documentary Weiner, that was supposed to be about Anthony Weiner's run for mayor of New York, and instead became a cautionary tale about allowing your fetishes to leak out of your private life, and into public life. If you haven't watched Weiner yet, you can check it out on Showtime, but be prepared for the feeling that you are peering into the Weiner/Abedin front window.

Filmmaker Josh Kriegman, who used to be Anthony Weiner's chief of staff, and Elyse Steinberg got permission from Weiner and Abedin to follow and tape them, warts and all, while on the campaign trail, says Deadline. But the question that people ask after seeing it, is that knowing that so many skeletons were still in the closet, why would Weiner give the okay for the documentary? Kriegman says that Anthony Weiner has not seen the documentary, despite offers to screen it for him. Steinberg says that even she and Kriegman wondered why Weiner and Abedin went forward with the project (and if you watch Weiner, you too will inevitably say, "what was he thinking?").

"It's a question that we certainly had and a question that we knew the viewers were having. We directly asked Anthony in the film towards the end, 'Why did you allow us to film this?' At the very end of the film he says, 'I don't regret letting you guys film me, I just wanted to be viewed as the full person that I was instead of a punch line.' I think that Anthony did see the value of having a more complete story told than the one that was playing out in the tabloids.

One scene in the documentary has Weiner doing a live television interview, where the host asks him, "what's wrong with you?" which spurs a fight. But Steinberg says that while there are plenty of times where you see uncomfortable moments between Huma and Anthony (her facial expressions often seem to indicate she has chronic indigestion), there is also a softness between the two, and perhaps an answer as to why she stayed so long.

"She was criticized for staying in the marriage and you really get a different side of her. You see her as a wife, you see her as a mother. What we wanted to do was really highlight that judgment that was placed against her."

Do you think there is any chance that Huma will take Anthony back? Is there any way that, if you were Huma Abedin, you would try to make it work with Anthony Weiner?

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