Biden Flubs Obama’s Name, Calls Him ‘President Clinton’

Vice President Joe Biden had the Clintons on his mind Sunday afternoon in Cleveland when he flubbed and called President Obama by President Clinton’s name.

Biden was speaking to a crowd of just over 1,000 people in a gym at Lakewood High School when he went on the offensive against Mitt Romney’s Jeep advertisement.

The VP told the crowd that he found the ad to be “pernicious.” Biden then accidentally added:

“That ad you’ve seen that says President Clinton bankrupted Chrysler so that Italians could buy it to ship jobs overseas to China, Jeep jobs …”

In all fairness, Clinton had just followed President Obama during a rally in Concord, New Hampshire.

When he wasn’t making President Obama name flubs, Biden stayed right on topic, touting the President’s ability to successfully bail out the auto industry. Biden told the crowd:

“I’d like to tell you, Ohio, no matter what those ads say, we did rescue the auto industry.”

Biden’s speech was delivered in the Obama friendly Cuyahoga County where the POTUS held a 2-to-1 margin victory in 2008.

Obama also stressed the importance for voters to turn out and vote. Ohio is a crucial swing state, and a vote in one direction or the other could spell victory or defeat. Biden told the crowd of supporters:

“We need you Ohio, we need you. We win Ohio, we win this election.”

Further talking about what Biden clearly believes is Romney’s deceitful ad, the VP told the crowd:

“It’s clear in the last hour Romney and Ryan have become desperate. Romney will stay anything to win.”

A man in the crowd then screamed out that Republicans were “shameless” for which Biden responded:

“They are shameless … the shamelessness of them is they are running away from what they believe. That’s the shameless part.”

Biden then told the crowd that the Republican’s were trying to play a “con game” as election day nears.