January 13, 2017
Donald Trump Spy File Is 'Bogus,' 'Forgery,' Security Expert Claims

A former US intelligence expert says that the 35-page document claiming that Russia hatched a blackmail plot against Donald Trump is a "forgery" and completely "bogus."

Wayne Madsen, a former disinformation analyst at the U.S. Navy's Washington, D.C., telecommunications command, claimed to Radar Online that the dossier that leaked online Tuesday night is a bogus attempt to discredit the president-elect.

trump russia spy file is bogus forgery
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"The entire script is more Austin Powers than James Bond."

The security expert claimed that the questionable allegations about the president-elect "appear to be a hybrid."

"[In which] genuine U.S. and/or British intelligence information – such as what appears to be a standard report on Russian cyber-targeting – has been thrown together with bogus material in an attempt to make the entire document appear authentic."

Reports say that the document was supposedly prepared by a former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, and details alleged collusion between Trump and Russian operatives.

Madsen said that he believes that the header of the 35-page document, "Confidential/Sensitive Source," was an immediate giveaway that it was a sham.

The former security expert claimed that the standard lingo in the U.S. is "Top Secret; Secret; Confidential." In the U.K., Madsen said that they have been using "Top Secret; Secret; Official-Sensitive" since 2014.

"I've not seen the phrase Confidential/Sensitive Source. If a dossier includes sensitive information, there will be a warning notice saying something like 'intelligence sources and methods revealed' or maybe a code term for that."

Another sign that the document is a phony was its claim that Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, had a "secret meeting with Kremlin officials... in Prague." Cohen vehemently denied the allegation, saying that his passport proves that he has "never been to Prague" in his life.

Madsen listed a number of other elements in the document that stood out to him.

"The dossier says the supposed meeting was scheduled for Moscow in July 2016, but was moved to the Prague office of the Russian government-controlled firm Rossotrudnichestvo. That's ridiculous.

"Czech intelligence would have that office under close surveillance. The dossier calls Czechia (the renamed Czech republic) 'soft' (safe) but Czechia is a member of NATO and the location of a number of NGOs controlled by George Soros, so it is anything but 'safe.'"


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The former security expert also said that some obvious errors may have been thrown in for deniability in case anyone accused the CIA or U.K. intel operatives of leaking any of the genuine material included in the document.

The 35-page document continuously spells the name of a Russian investment company wrong, referring to the "Alfa Group" as the "Alpha Group." Coincidentally, there is an "Alpha Group" in Russia, but it is their special forces Spetsnaz unit.

Madsen also commented that the report says that the settlement of Barvikha, outside of Moscow, is "reserved for the residences of the top leadership and their close associates." However, in actuality, it is not reserved for anyone.

trump russia spy file is bogus forgery
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Madsen said that the most obvious mistake of all was the fact that the document "misspells the name of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort."

"Other tell-tale signs... are that names are capitalized, which is the style used in US intelligence and Justice Department documents."

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