January 12, 2017
WWE Rumors: Is Roman Reigns Taking Home The Universal Title Now That Chris Jericho Snagged The US Title?

With just 17 days to go before the Royal Rumble, the latest WWE rumor mill is going into overdrive with speculation about who is going to win which title and why. All of the attention after Monday Night Raw this past week is focused on Roman Reigns, who just lost the United States title, and Chris Jericho, who snatched it from him after delivering a Codebreaker. Has the stage been set for Roman Reigns to snatch the Universal title from Kevin Owens?

That's the word according to Forbes, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that the fans were shocked and appalled by what went on during the match that cost Reigns the United States title. However, there is a good chance that Reigns will be able to grab the Universal title from Owens as this "feud," after all, has a good storyline, and fans seem hesitant to let it go quietly into that long goodnight. So, to keep the feud between Reigns, Owens, Jericho, and when he feels like it, Seth Rollins, the Universal title just might go to Reigns.Meanwhile, ComicBook.com's latest round of WWE rumors places a lot more confidence in the now-former United States champion; so much so that they didn't just say that Roman Reigns may win the Universal championship. Rather, they say that he will definitely win the Universal championship.

ComicBook.com believes that people are tired of Roman's babyface run, and he's long overdue to turn heel. Typically, too, according to the site, the Universal champion is a heel, and fans wouldn't like it if Reigns was the first "face" to take the title.

It may also make Reigns a beloved character again, should he use this opportunity to turn heel.

"Heel or not, there would be no mistaking who the crowd would be pulling for. It would give Reigns the same kind of freedom The Rock had when he wrestled Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18. As for Kevin Owens, he will be just fine. This was his first top of the card championship reign and he will certainly have more. At this early stage in his career, there is not [an] urgent need for him to bring the championship into Wrestlemania. Now that Jericho has the US Title, he and Owens can finally dissolve their friendship and still have a belt to feud over on the Grandest Stage of Them All."
And this is a sentiment echoed by Cageside Seats, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that Roman Reigns is long overdue to take home the Universal title. Citing John Cena as an example -- he held a single men's title at the same time that he held a tag-team title -- holding two belts at the same time only hurts a wrestler in the long run.
"That's a good thing, whether you're a Reigns fan or detractor: making him a double champion is a pretty good way to damage any argument that he's being pushed just fine: even when John Cena was a double champ, it was because he also had a tag team title, not the two highest-ranking men's belts on a single show. And at least when Seth Rollins was a double champ, we were supposed to hate the dude. The bad news — well, depending again on whether you're a Reigns fan or detractor — is that he is almost unquestionably going to be the Universal Champion following the Rumble, so he won't be title-less for long."
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