January 12, 2017
Rihanna & Chris Brown Dating Again? Sources Claim Rihanna Thought Breezy 'Looked Cute' During Club Run-In

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a run-in at a New York Club this week, and now sources are claiming that there's a chance the twosome could potentially start dating again.

That's according to Hollywood Life, who cited an insider who viewed Rihanna and Brown's supposed interaction inside the club as claiming that Rihanna supposedly told friends that she thought Chris "looked cute" when she spotted him in the New York venue.

"She saw him, she made sure to get a few looks from across the way at him and thought he looked cute," a source revealed of Rihanna and Chris's supposed interaction in the club. "She was sure that he saw her too."

"[Rihanna] was feeling herself and looking d**n good too and she knows how Chris is," added the insider.

Rihanna & Chris Brown
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But while onlookers are claiming that Brown and Rihanna did spot each other while out on January 10, Hollywood Life reported that the former couple, who dated on and off between 2008 and 2013, did not speak after finding themselves in close proximity in the Big Apple on January 10.

The insider alleged that Rihanna's friends were supposedly encouraging the "Love On The Brain" singer to talk to Brown, who she has a seriously rocky relationship with after dating on and off for around six years, but claimed that Rihanna opted not to head over to Chris over fears that she'd cause a scene after weeks of claims the two could soon be dating again.

"Her friends were pushing her to go and talk to him and say hello," the source alleged amid the dating rumors, "but he was with another girl and with his friends and she didn't want to cause a crazy scene."

"As far as trying to connect and say what's up to one another, it just wasn't the night," the insider explained of Rihanna's apparent reluctance to reconnect with Brown at the club.

Rihanna & Drake
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Page Six also reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at Up & Down club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, verifying that the former couple did not physically interact while also confirming that DJs at the club purposefully avoided playing any songs by Drake following the rapper's nasty feud with Chris over Rihanna as well as the singer's apparent drama with her ex amid reports he's now dating Jennifer Lopez.

"Not a single Drake song was played while Chris was there," the insider revealed, which comes after years of drama between Chris and Drake stemming from their respective relationships with Rihanna.

According to a source who spoke out to Page Six, Rihanna arrived at the club around an hour after Brown and reportedly stayed in a different section to her ex as rumors swirl about her dating life. "They did not cross paths," the insider said.

Reports suggesting that Rihanna and Chris most definitely saw each other while partying in New York City come after several reports speculating that the former couple could soon be dating again following the "Diamonds" singer's split with Drake in October.

Chris Brown with Rihanna
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Radar Online recently claimed that Brown and Rihanna have supposedly been in contact following Rihanna's split with Drake amid the dating speculation, reporting last year that the duo could even potentially reunite and start dating again in 2017.

The site claimed back in November that Chris and Rihanna were supposedly "talking every day again" and have even allegedly "met up a few times" after Rihanna and Drake called off their romance in October after reportedly dating exclusively for several months.

A source even went on to allege that Chris has reportedly "taken tentative steps towards a reunion" with Rihanna because she "can't believe the change" in him after the twosome last split in 2013, four years after Brown was arrested for domestic abuse against Rihanna in 2009 and amid claims Rihanna has supposedly been "reflecting" on their past dating life over the Holidays.

"[Chris is] moodier and more serious, but he's much softer and a borderline feminist these days," added the insider of Brown's apparent transformation amid the latest round of dating rumors, though neither has confirmed the reports.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna could reunite and start dating again in 2017 after their New York club run-in?

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