Amazing GoPro Footage Shows UFO Spacecraft Doing 180-Degree Turn Near International Space Station -- Aliens Are Visiting, Watching ISS 24/7, Blogger Claims [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

UFO hunters claim to have obtained video proof that technologically advanced alien species are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. According to ET chasers, footage taken recently using a GoPro camera mounted outside the ISS shows an alien UFO flying close to the ISS and doing an amazing 180-degree turn.

The remarkable footage from NASA's famous ISS live stream, according to alien hunters, shows a fast-moving alien UFO spacecraft doing an incredible stunt, an 180-degree turn after flying too close to the space station.

The footage was first uploaded to YouTube by user Just Gaz, on January 5, 2017. According to the YouTube UFO hunter, the footage, taken by an astronaut using a GoPro camera, shows a UFO "maneuvering" near the ISS.

"UFO appears during space mission!"

But skeptics have repeatedly tried to debunk the claims by UFO hunters, arguing that most of the alleged UFO sighting claims have simple naturalistic explanations, such as reflections of light on camera lenses, parts of the space station projecting in front of the camera, lights from Earth, meteors in space and sometimes man-made space junk.

However, UFO hunters dismiss the explanations, saying that they are part of efforts by the government, the mainstream media and science to keep people in the dark about the fact that we are not alone in the universe and that our solar system is teeming with aliens conducting explorations in advanced UFO spacecraft.

The latest space UFO footage, according to UFO hunters, adds to the mounting alien and UFO evidence.

According to the popular UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, in a January 12 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, the footage was shot by an astronaut conducting extravehicular activity (EVA). The astronaut used a GoPro camera to shoot the video. And while shooting the video, he unintentionally captured an alien UFO approaching the space station.

"This amazing footage was shot from an astronaut's GoPro while outside the space station this week," the UFO hunter announced to his blog followers. "The GoPro was hooked up directly with the live Internet link for all to see."

Anticipating responses by skeptics that the object might have been a reflection of light on the camera lens or some other optical effect, Waring argued that the footage showing the alleged UFO doing a "perfect 180-degree" turn proves that it was not an optical effect or an image glitch.

"How do I know this is a UFO? Watch and see how this does a perfect 180 degree turn in the sharpest possible way that even an F16 could not match."

"It [the UFO] knew that it was coming too close and might come into view, so it did a quick U turn by doing an upside-down 180 degree turn and returned to where it came from," Waring argued.

The UFO blogger added that no meteor, space debris or an accidental reflection of light on the camera lens could have executed the seemingly purposeful and intelligently considered action.

"No meteor or lost tools could do a 180 degree turn and accelerate while doing it," Waring said.

"[This video is] excellent evidence that the space station is not only being visited, but is under the 24/7 watchful eyes of aliens..."

But Express reports that a UFO investigator, Scott Brando, who manages the website UFOofInterest, said that he searched for and found the original footage from which the clip was taken. According to Brando, the original footage was filmed during a spacewalk on February 25, 2015, by astronaut Terry Virts.

"I found it is old footage from ISS Expedition 42," Brando said. "The video was taken by US astronaut Terry Virts during two spacewalks. It's just a small piece of debris, a small ice particle, that's all."

While some alien hunters claim that UFOs seen around the ISS are manned by aliens monitoring the space station, other alien hunters claim that some of the UFOs bring diplomats from extraterrestrial civilizations to hold secret talks and negotiations with human astronauts. The crew of the ISS, according to conspiracy theorists, act as government representatives in space for the purpose of concluding treaties and other exopolitical agreements with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Alien UFOs that bring ET diplomats to hold talks with human astronauts are allowed to dock with the ISS so that alien astronauts and human astronauts can hold face-to-face meetings on board the ISS.

Exopolitics researchers claim that the ISS was launched to space as a joint project by the U.S. and Russia specifically to provide a safe, isolated and secret location where governments can conduct alien contact activity away from the prying eyes of citizens who are meant to be kept in the dark about the existence of aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial civilizations.

[Featured Image by NASA/Shutterstock]