Tamar Braxton And Loni Love Feud: Loni Claps Back After Tamar's Latest Diss, 'You're Lucky You're Behind The Keyboard'

Tamar Braxton and Loni Love have been locked in a pretty nasty feud ever since Tamar was fired from The Real back in May 2016, and it looks like she's now hitting back at Braxton's fans.

Loni recently took to social media to put a number of trolls on serious blast after a number of Braxton's followers bombarded Love with tweets after Tamar recently claimed that Loni and her fellow The Real co-hosts were "liars" for the way they handled her firing from the daytime talk show last year.

"Y'all lucky some of y'all [are] behind the keyboard," Loni tweeted out, just days after Tamar took serious aim Love and her fellow The Real co-hosts on social media, "because if we were in person you would catch these hands!!!!"

Though Love didn't explicitly reveal just what Twitter drama she was referring to in her tweet, a number of Braxton's fans claimed on social media that Love's clap back was in fact aimed at Tamar's legions of fans following the Braxton Family Values Star's recent accusations amid her months long feud with her former friends.

The Real - Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai & Tamar Braxton
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"Y'all Tamartians better stop f*****g with Loni 'I took up a nap but called Tamar and asked what's going on but she didn't answer' Love," Tamar fan @TamartiansOnly tweeted out following Loni's clap back alongside a screen shot of her tweet, which came just days after Braxton threw a whole lot of shade at her former The Real co-stars.

Love was bombarded with messages from a number of Braxton's fans last month after Tamar slammed her former co-stars on Instagram, months after she claimed that Braxton's fans had been "bullying" her on social media after she was fired.

Speaking out about the hate she received online after Braxton left the show, Loni revealed during a radio interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show that she felt fans were "confused" about Tamar's firing.

"I think a lot of people are confused about what happened. I want to make that known — we need to stop," Loni said in August according to Gossip On This. "Stop calling me names on the Internet… I didn't have anything to do with this. They're calling me all kinds of names."

While Braxton has not responded to Loni's apparent clap back, Tamar did confirm that her feud Loni and her fellow former The Real co-hosts was still very much on in December, accusing them of repeatedly lying following her firing from the daytime talk show.

Braxton seemingly threw some major shade at Loni, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Jeannie Mai by alleging that they were aware that she being fired from the show and then did not attempt to contact her after the news hit the headlines, despite the group claiming otherwise on multiple occasions.

Replying to a post by The Shade Room which asked fans to reveal the biggest lies they fell for in 2016, Braxton hit back with a multitude of lies she heard during the year, all of which appeared to allude to her May firing from The Real and subsequent feud with her co-stars.

"Hell I have so many," Tamar wrote in December, before then listing a slew of lies she claimed she heard in 2016.

Tamar Braxton
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"I'll start with 'I didn't know anything,'" Tamar Braxton wrote, continuing by adding that other lies she heard included, "It doesn't matter, we'll always be friends," "We tried to reach out to her but she won't call us back" and "I just got word that she doesn't want us to talk about her."

Tamar then added even more supposed lies to the mix on Instagram, adding that she also heard the lies "We had NO idea" and "I'm shocked" in 2016.

Though Braxton did not mention her former friends by name in her pretty scathing posts, all of the supposed lies Braxton claimed to have heard had notably been uttered by her former The Real co-stars throughout the months that followed her firing.

Tamar's shade also came just days after she once again slammed Love and her former co-stars on television, throwing a whole lot of shade at Loni, Adrienne, Jeannie, and Tamera during an appearance on The T.D. Jakes Show in December as their feud appeared to continue.

The Real - Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai & Tamar Braxton
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"Ain't that terrible lord Jesus," Braxton sarcastically replied when Jakes asked Tamar for her thoughts on reports that The Real has been suffering in the ratings game since she was fired, before the reality star then threw a whole lot more shade when asked by the host if she would consider returning to the show if asked.

"I would have to really pray about it and think about it. I would have to pay attention to why God removed me from that situation," Tamar explained in response, claiming that God removed her from the daytime talk show "to protect [her] from them."

But despite Tamar's latest shade, Love actually appeared to be looking for a reconciliation with Braxton in the weeks that preceded her accusations, as Loni claimed twice on social media that she was ready to put her and Braxton's nasty feud behind her.

After a Twitter user asked Love if The Real would ever have Tamar back on the show in a tweet posted on October 30, Loni had a pretty interesting response by admitting that she would "welcome" Braxton back despite their nasty feud.

The Real - Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai & Tamar Braxton
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"For me... She is always welcome," Love responded regarding the possibility of Braxton heading back to The Real, before Loni then admitted on Thanksgiving that she was still thinking of her former friend amid their feud.

"Still love @TamarBraxtonHer," Loni tweeted out of Tamar on November 24, even adding the sweet hashtags #truth, #thinkinaboutyou, #happythanksgiving, #Iainttooproud, and #MommaLovesaysHi, though Tamar did not publicly respond.

What do you think of Loni Love's apparent response to fans blasting her after Tamar Braxton's latest shade?

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