Candy Crowley Calls Mitt Romney ‘President Romney’ [Video]

CNN’s chief political correspondent Candy Crowley was criticized by conservatives during the second presidential debate when she fact checked Mitt Romney on Libya.

Now, they may think she has come over to their side.

On Sunday’s State of the Union, Crowley asked Ohio Senator Rob Portman, a Republican, what made him think Romney could win over voters in his state. She said:

“You have in Ohio a jobless rate that is better than the nationwide jobless rate, and you have an auto bailout that the President put in place that’s highly popular. What is it in this state that makes you think that President Romney, uh, sorry, Governor Romney can overcome those particular statistics and the feel of the voters?”

Portman — who played Obama during Romney’s mock debates — quickly responded, “I like your Freudian slip on President Romney. That sounded good.”

The two laughed and then continued their conversation.

The right was quick to criticize Crowley when she told Romney that President Obama did in fact call the attacks in Libya an “act of terror.” Crowley did say Romney was “correct” when he said it took Obama weeks “for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out.”

When asked if that meant she had backtracked on her comments during the debate, she said no.

Early voting results show that President Obama has a slight lead over his opponent, so Crowley’s Freudian slip may be the closest Romney gets to being called “president.”