Billy Ray Cyrus Broadway Debut: Country Singer To Appear In ‘Chicago’

Billy Ray Cyrus will make his Broadway debut as a lawyer in Chicago, according to The Boot. The country music singer will portray Billy Fynn in the show.

While Cyrus has been performing on stage as a musician for years, he admitted the idea of appearing in a popular Broadway musical made him extremely nervous.

“I’ve been preparing for quite some time, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous … OK, a lot nervous,” the country music singer explained. “Last night, I was so tired — I’d done interviews all day, but trust me, I ended my night studying that script and singing those songs. I’m really excited about getting up to New York City and living there. I’ve never lived in New York City, let alone step out on Broadway and pretend that I was Billy Flynn! It’s going to be so fun.”

Chicago tells the story of a wife and nightclub owner in the 1920s who murders her lover. In order to avoid spending the rest of her life in prison, the killer hires smooth criminal lawyer Billy Fynn to represent her in court. According to, the revival is now in its 16th year.

Billy Ray Cyrus will be joined by Amy Spanger as Roxie Hart, Amra-Faye Wright as Velma Kelly, Carol Woods as Matron “Mama” Morton, C. Newcomer as Mary Sunshine and Cory English as Amos Hart.

If all of this wasn’t enough to keep Miley Cyrus’ father busy, the singer just released a brand new album of tunes last month. Released on October 23 by Blue Cadillac Music, Change My Mind marks the country crooner’s 13th studio album.

“I love everything about it. The music in itself has the roots of some of the common elements of my music where I come from — banjo, fiddle,” Cyrus said of the new album. “And that musical bed is with some really brilliant lyrics. As an actor and a singer-songwriter, this was a great opportunity to learn something new and evolve my career.”

The musician will appear in the show from November 5 to December 23. Are you looking forward to Billy Ray Cyrus’ Broadway debut in Chicago?