Hurricane Sandy: Gas Shortages Likely To Last Several More Days

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is still being felt all over the Northeast. Power is slowly being restored to the millions who have been without it, and life will soon start getting back to normal. Yet millions of drivers who need gasoline for generators and their cars are going to have to wait several more days until relief is there.

Drivers in New York and New Jersey have struggled to find gas at all, and, even when they find an open station, strict rationing is in place. In New Jersey, customers are waiting hours in line to purchase their maximum four gallons of gas.

New Jersey resident Cheryl English said:

“I waited for more than two hours on a line to get my four gallons and that was for my generator. I had to wait another two hours on the line to get the gas for my car”

There are several factors influencing the shortage. Roads have been left damaged by the storm with fallen trees down in several places. Additionally the lack of electricity has slowed down refinement and processing.

In addition to the inconvenience the gas shortage has wrought on everyday citizens, the damage being done to relief efforts cannot be understated. Volunteers are having difficulty delivering much needed clothes, food, and blankets to those in need. With news that another huge storm is approaching the area on Wednesday, this amplifies the problem.

A truck filled with supplies was severely delayed according to lawyer Michael Klein, who is organizing a relief effort.

Klein told the Huffington Post:

“They [the victims] literally are cold, they have no food and they are gutting their houses simultaneously because the water was 5-feet high across the Rockaways. Only the organized trucks and bus systems can get enough fuel to get these big loads in to help them.

The Department of Defense has authorized the distribution of 12 million gallons of gasoline at five mobile gas stations in New York and Long Island. Recipients are limited to ten gallons.

Have you experienced massive delays at the pump do to Hurricane Sandy?