Scheana Shay Divorce: Would She Ever Share Another Relationship On ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Scheana Shay announced back in November that she was divorcing her husband, Mike Shay, after two years of marriage. While the couple got married on Vanderpump Rules, the spotlight and public opinion may have influenced how close they were after two years. It’s no secret that Scheana’s husband struggled with alcohol and pills during the show’s previous seasons and this was something that came to light after the two got married. Even though it has just been two months since she announced their divorce, it sounds like she and Mike have actually been living separately for a while.

According to a new Bravo report, Scheana Shay is now addressing some dating rumors as people are already thinking about what’s next for Scheana. Of course, divorce is never fun for anyone, but some people may think that she has been single longer than a few months, as people are already talking about how she’s dating someone new. BHowever,it sounds like Scheana Shay is keeping her dating life to herself.

Apparently, according to Bravo, people started noticing some intimate snaps on her Snapchat account, which included a mystery man with his hand on her knee in one picture and even her in bed in another picture. While Scheana Shay didn’t explain or identify the man in the pictures, she didn’t deny being close with a new man. In fact, it sounds like she may be playing with Vanderpump Rules viewers.

“I’ve been doing a lot of fun Snapchats,” Scheana Shay explained to Andy Cohen when she stopped by Watch What Happens Live even though Andy kept asking about the Snapchats, to which Shay added, “I like to keep people guessing.”

Several reports have hinted that Scheana is already dating someone famous, including a former NHL player. She has been linked to Mike Comrie, who is Hilary Duff’s ex-husband. He is a father, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Shay. However, when Cohen asked her about this specific rumor, she kept playing it cool.

“I see people in this audience. I see a lot of people, Andy,” Scheana Shay told Andy who asked her about possibly dating Mike Comrie, even though it may not have been him in her Snapchats.

So, what does Mike think about her moving on? Well, apparently they are still cordial, but he started disappearing near the end of their marriage. And he may be focusing on himself and his music now that he’s single and starting over. But Shay reveals that it was rough in the end, as he wouldn’t communicate with her and he would actually disappear.

“We didn’t speak for over a week. When I was here for the VanderCrawl, him and I hadn’t spoken,” Scheana Shay explains about her marriage near the end of their relationship, adding that the story about him disappearing for a week is true, explaining, “He went to the studio one night and didn’t come back for over a week.”

These days, Shay is waiting for the state of California to finalize her divorce, which could take months. And during this time, she may just date for the fun of it. Or maybe she’s thinking about how she will share a relationship on television again, as she did face some backlash about her marriage. When Mike admitted to having struggles, Scheana said that she didn’t want a sober husband. She wanted someone who could still have fun. And many Vanderpump Rules viewers felt that she was being disrespectful and rude. Because of this treatment, Shay may be keeping her next relationship off television.

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s comments about her failed marriage? Do you think she’s keeping her new relationship under wraps because she doesn’t want to share her relationship in the public eye again?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]