Liz Sandoz Criticized For Actions Prior To ‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Jade Roper Tolbert Addresses The Haters

The dates have begun on the new season of The Bachelor, and the claws are already coming out. It’s definitely no secret now that Liz Sandoz and The Bachelor, Nick Viall, hooked up before her joining the cast. Now that more drama surrounding Liz and Nick’s hookup at Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding has surfaced, people are lashing out at Liz for her decisions, and Jade is speaking out to address all the haters.

Jade has made it clear from the beginning that she was not very happy with Nick’s treatment of Liz. Entertainment Tonight spoke with Jade after the premiere Bachelor episode aired and revealed she was a little disappointed with how Viall treated Liz. Roper basically said the road goes both ways. Liz did not reach out to Nick or get his number after their wedding hookup. While no efforts to reconnect were made by Liz, none were made my Nick either. Jade says Nick could have also gotten Liz’s number very easily in the months following their encounter.

Roper admires her Maid of Honor for taking a chance and making the tough decision to put it all out there and join The Bachelor cast. Jade said the following about Liz’s decision to try and win Nick’s heart.

“She had talked to me about it before she went on [the show], and I kind of tried to prep her for it and I’m proud of her for doing it. I feel like it’s really brave. She really did have an interest in Nick and she went there to see if there was anything and I totally support her.”

Viall says he was shocked when Liz stepped out of the limo on the first night of filming. The two had not spoken in about nine months since Jade and Tanner’s wedding in January 2016. After Viall and Sandoz had a passionate night together, Nick did ask Liz for her phone number, and she declined. Although Nick questioned Liz’s intentions for coming on his season, he ultimately let her stay another week so they could further their conversation, and he could give her the benefit of the doubt.

Viall took Sandoz on the second group date this week where they visited The Museum of Broken Relationships. While there, each of the ladies on the date were asked to act out a break-up with Nick. Most of the skits were lighthearted and fun until it was Liz’s turn. Sandoz stunned Nick and the other ladies when she talked very seriously and full of emotion about their experience from the wedding.

The date continued into the evening, which gave each of the ladies time to chat with Nick and get to know each other better. Viall and Sandoz used their time to discuss her intentions for being on the show. In the end, Nick decided it was best to send Liz home. After Liz’s departure, he made the decision to tell the other women that he and Liz had sex at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. They were stunned, and now Liz is facing tons of criticism from many about her decisions.

Jade is speaking out to address the critics and defend her best friend. Roper took to her Instagram to publicly declare her support for Liz. Jade shared a photo of herself and Liz on her wedding day and said the following.

“She threw away all of her masks, and put on her soul.” Incredibly proud of my beautiful friend, Liz, for being vulnerable and taking a risk on love. No what-ifs left on the table. You are so brave! I am grateful to know the real you, the one who would do anything for anyone if they were in need of help, the one that is the best listener in the world with an extraordinary gift for empathy. I admire you and aspire to be like you, to be authentically myself. (You are also ridiculously silly and sometimes terribly clumsy, which is even more endearing! Haha) Couldn’t ask for a better friend. I love you, Liz! #anyonewithrudecommentscankeepscrolling #rideordie.”

Roper again spoke out last night on Facebook to share one final thought on the whole Nick and Liz controversy. Jade said, “Last thing I’m going to say about this topic. WHY can’t a women refuse to give a man her number because mayyybe she’s focusing on herself and she has a lot going on at that time, and THEN think about him later when she’s ready for something?

???? I don’t see anything wrong here.”

There is no doubt the attention and criticism must be hard on Liz and those she loves. Everyone should have a friend like Jade who supports and defends one’s character through tough times. Liz is lucky to have someone with such a good heart on her side.

Viall’s journey as The Bachelor continues Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for WE tv]