Leaked Nintendo Switch Accessories Hint At Arcade Stick — Will ‘Smash Bros.’ Be A Launch Title?

Nintendo Switch accessories may have been leaked, hinting at the possibility that fighting games and other arcade titles are coming to the console. Of course, with all of the fighting games out there, only one is made by Nintendo.

Smash Bros., a port or entirely new game in the series, may be a launch title (or in the works) if one of the accessories turns out to be real.

Accessory developer Hori is reportedly preparing a set of items for Nintendo’s latest console, according to printed documents revealed in photos. These photos were provided by French Twitter user DroidXAce, and appear to be authentic. As we all know by now, photos can easily be “photoshopped,” meaning they could have been fixed with computer software to look authentic.

Videos from 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' could have been claimed by Nintendo in 2013.

Nintendo is not above claiming images of their video game characters used by other parties to be a violation, hence a major upset on YouTube in 2013. They had begun taking all profits from YouTube videos featuring their games, which earned the ire of channel owners who used video game footage to earn a living. The action was so upsetting that internet celebrity “Angry” Joe Vargas had publicly declared his disapproval by saying he would do no more Nintendo videos.

The video game company later amended their copyright policy allowing YouTube users to take a percentage of the income from their videos, but the damage had been done. They had even shut down a fan-based Metroid movie on similar grounds.

A fan-based 'Metroid' movie had been shut down over copyright issues.

If the leaked documents reported by Techspot are real, the list of Nintendo Switch accessories could indicate more controllers being created to support titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Empire. Of course, the Switch has to be able to handle them.

  • One accessory leaked is a Joy-Con multi-charger. For gamers on the go who don’t have access to a TV, the multi-charger could be a great idea for preparing a multiplayer session.
  • Comfort grips for the standard Joy-Con sticks and buttons could help emulate controllers from Sony and Microsoft, making the more standard controller feel more familiar.
  • An adjustable play stand lets you bypass the standard “kickstand” tab so you’re not stuck using the small screen at the same angle every time.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild skins are set to hit retailers in March, the same month the Switch is coming. This could mean that Link’s latest adventure is a launch title.
  • A screen protector overlay will prevent your Nintendo Switch screen from getting scratched in transit, much like those sold for smartphones. It’s a crystal-clear sticker kind of thing which will require a steady hand and a long straight-edged tool to apply with minimum air bubbles.
  • The Real Arcade Pro brings the classic arcade set-up to the Nintendo Switch, perfect for those scrolling shooters with complex button schemes, as well as fighting games. Many Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat purists often buy these to maintain the feel of the arcades. It could also be used to make your opponent beg for mercy in Smash Bros. if Nintendo is planning to port or give the series another entry.
  • A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screen protector overlay is also potentially planned.
  • There is also a snap-on case with holes for the control buttons and sticks, to help protect the screen further while in transit.
  • A case appears to be coming to help transport what appears to be up to 12 cartridges.
  • Hori’s official Nintendo Switch control pad appears to be aimed at making today’s AAA titles easier to play if the third-party publishers are interested.
  • A LAN adapter could help connect two Nintendo Switch consoles for a game between up to four players.
  • For gamers on the go, their alleged cigarette lighter adapter can be used to charge your Nintendo Switch in the car.
  • For the true Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan, a collection of protective devices appears to be in the works, including a microfiber screen cleaner. This is the same cloth used to clean eyeglasses.
  • To help transport your Switch with minimum damage, there is a carrying case.
  • There appears to also be a Starter Kit, which includes a screen protector overlay, a carrying case, a game transporter for up to six titles, and what appears to be a protective snap-on case for the Joy-Cons.
  • Zelda strikes again, with a logo-bearing carrying case for up to 12 games.
  • A decorative snap-on skin also appears to be coming, likely one of hundreds if the Switch is treated like most smartphones.

If the leak is real, which of these Nintendo Switch accessories gets you the most excited?

[Featured Image by Nintendo]