New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Vows Vote For Romney

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie assured an interviewer on Sunday that he will vote for Republican nominee Mitt Romney despite his praise given to President Barack Obama in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Christie has long been a Romney supporter, but last week he toured the battered shore towns of New Jersey with Obama, reports The Seattle Times.

The two had words of praise for each other’s efforts to reach the people affected by the massive storm in a rare display of bipartisanship during a close election campaign. During an interview in the days after the storm, Christie stated:

“Honestly the fact of the matter is that what New Jerseyans expect from their governor is to work for them, not to work for any particular political party.”

The New Jersey governor added however:

“I’m a Republican, I’ve endorsed Mitt Romney and I support him. I intend to vote for him on Tuesday. But the fact of the matter is that if the President of the United States comes here and he is willing to help my people, and he does it, then I’m going to say nice things about him because he’s earned it.”

The Huffington Post notes that several Republicans were upset about Christie’s praise of Obama during the aftermath of Sandy, especially after the governor, who is widely seen as a possible Republican presidential contender in 2016, delivered what they thought could be a critical boost to the Democratic president.

In his praise of Obama, Christie stated that the president:

“… provided help to my people at one of the worst crises that this state has ever faced … Anybody who is upset in the Republican Party about this, they haven’t been to New Jersey. Come see the destruction, come see the loss.”

Are you surprised that Chris Christie is still voting for Romney despite his high praise of President Obama after Superstorm Sandy?