‘Dark Triangle' UFO Loomed Menacingly In The Clouds Over House In Louisville, Kentucky --- Mystery Craft Was Stalking Google Map Car, Blogger Claims [Photo]

A witness in Louisville, Kentucky, has reported that he and his son spotted a "dark triangle" UFO hovering menacingly in thick clouds over their house in a Google satellite image. According to the witness, in a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and filed in the organization's database as case 81433, he and his son were puzzled when they accidentally spotted the dark triangle UFO hovering over their home on Google Maps.

"My son was looking for his phone and realized it was on his bed. When he picked it up, Google satellite was somehow pulled up on his phone. He was like what the heck! So he started looking at what the satellite map was on," the witness wrote. "He realized it was on our house. He was shocked to see a object hovering over our house. The object appeared to be triangle in shape and brown in color."

The witness was uncertain about the nature of the dark object looming in the clouds over his home. He wondered whether it was a leaf "or something on the satellite lens."

But he concluded that it "looks like a UFO."

Veteran UFO hunter Scott Waring was convinced that the man and his son had accidentally spotted a UFO hovering in the clouds over their house. According to the popular but controversial UFO blogger in a January 11 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, although the witness did not specify the Google coordinates he found it after a long search. He was also able to confirm that a Google satellite image shows a dark triangle UFO hovering over the house in Louisville.

The dark UFO was concealed partially in thick clouds.

"At the coordinates of 38° 6'23.28"N 85°51'20.04"W, if you go into street view by dragging and dropping the orange person icon in this location, you will notice a dark UFO hanging over a white house," Waring wrote. "I looked around the neighborhood on street view and found that the dark triangle was following the Google car for a little ways."

Waring did not try to explain why the mysterious UFO was following the Google Maps street view car, but he noted that the Google camera captured the UFO despite the fact that it [the UFO] appeared cloaked in thick clouds.

"Cloaking," according to UFO enthusiasts, is a method that UFOs use to conceal their presence from human observers on the ground.

"It was probably cloaked, but the Google cameras digital eye caught it," Waring commented.

The UFO hunter then claimed that Google has a special program that it uses to blur faces, license plates, and UFOs.

"If you notice, the blur over the window and the blur over the UFO appear to be made by the same cover up tool," he wrote.

UFO hunters believe that big tech companies, such as Google, collaborate with the government to conceal UFO and alien evidence for several reasons. The government, according to believers, takes pains to conceal UFO evidence out of fear that full disclosure of the presence of technologically advanced aliens visiting our world could spark mass panic.

Others conspiracy theorists claim that the government hides UFO evidence because officials want to keep people in the dark about ongoing official contact with representatives of alien civilizations visiting Earth.

The U.S. government, according to conspiracy theorists, has signed a technology transfer treaty with a number of alien races, including the Grays, Reptilians, and Tall Whites. The government keeps its contact and treaties with the alien races top secret because it does not want to share the benefits of access to advanced exotic technology with foreign governments.

UFO hunters also believe that the U.S. government has been in possession of advanced alien technology since 1947 when the military authorities reportedly recovered an alien UFO craft that crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. It is believed that the alien craft and others recovered from other crash sites over the decades were used by government scientists and engineers to conduct reverse-engineering research and development work.

Over the decades, the U.S. government has reverse-engineered alien aerospace technology and built several prototypes of a new generation of advanced stealth reconnaissance crafts, including the TR-3A Black Manta, the TR-3B Aurora, and the TR-3B Astra, according to conspiracy theorists. The Astra is believed to be a stealth reconnaissance craft based on advanced alien anti-gravity propulsion technology (read more about the TR-3B Astra here).

Reported sightings of mysterious black triangle UFOs from across the country have led UFO enthusiasts to suggest that the U.S. government could be conducting late-stage flight tests of a new generation of stealth reconnaissance crafts based on advanced alien UFO technology. The goal of the alleged Pentagon black project, according to conspiracy theorists, is to develop "nuclear-powered triangle-shaped aircraft capable of hovering, accelerating from rest at incredible rates, and flying stealthily like alien UFOs," as reported by the Inquisitr last May.

UFO enthusiasts are debating whether the latest alleged sighting was authentic, and if authentic, whether the UFO was a government reverse-engineered craft undergoing flight tests or an alien craft visiting Earth.

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