Social Media Was Right! Expert Convinced Kylie Jenner Has Surgically Enhanced Her Boobs At Only 19!

For as long as they have known her through her social media postings, most fans of Kylie Jenner have been fixated on her lips. Lately, however, they have been turning their attention to a part of her which has been growing disproportionately bigger than the rest of her body– her chest. Recent pictures posted on Instagram by the 19-year-old reality TV star show a bust that is fuller than it previously used to be.


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As Kylie Jenner swollen boobs become a talking point on social media, many of her followers have consequently accused her of going under the knife to enhance the size. Kylie, however, continues to insist that they are all natural.

When the speculation first started late last year, Kylie attributed it to the fact that she was on her period which caused her breasts to swell. She pointed out that they would deflate in no time. Keen watchers will, however, note that it’s now been weeks and no deflation has taken place.

Kylie Jenner swollen boobs becomes talking point on social media

But just as Kylie Jenner swollen boobs becomes talking point on social media, her explanations have also been evolving. After the initial explanation, she later came up with another one which she revealed in a video which she posted on her website denying that she had procured breast enhancement surgery.

“No, people – I haven’t gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that. Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I’ve definitely filled out,” Kylie explained in the video.

Among the personalities who speculated on whether Kylie had undergone a boob job included the celebrity gossip hack, Perez Hilton. This started a discussion from among the followers of Hilton, some of whom were quick to bring up past explanations that Kylie had offered with regards to her expanding bust size. One follower, for instance, recollected that Kylie had once said she owed the expanded size to a Victoria’s Secret bra. According to Kylie, the bra’s padding could enhance the breast size of the wearer many times over.

Kylie Jenner swollen boobs becomes talking point on social media

Despite the denial and as Kylie Jenner swollen boobs becomes talking point on social media, a breast surgeon has given convincing reasons as to why Kylie’s fuller bust is actually the result of surgical enhancement. MYA’s Dr. Andrea Giannitrapani believes that what betrays the clear increase in the size of Kylie’s breasts is the side profile comparison of before and after pictures.

The surgeon went on to say that Kylie’s cosmetic surgeon erred by not assigning the teenager an implant size that was proportional to her frame. According to the surgeon, in doing so Kylie would still have gained in breast volume but in a more natural look.

Dr. Giannitrapani, however, added that Kylie’s breasts would likely reduce in size as they might be swollen currently as a result of the procedure.

“Although they are not out of proportion with her frame, they look as though they still need time to settle and could in fact still be swollen,” the breast surgeon told UK’s Daily Star.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show star has previously admitted to artificially enhancing her lips. She went on to advocate the lip-filling cosmetic procedure claiming that it assisted her in overcoming her personal insecurities and could, therefore, achieve the same for other people. Before the admission, she had vigorously denied the lip enhancement procedure by claiming that her lips appeared that pouty and full because of clever use of makeup and camera angles.

Besides lips, and now breasts, the teenage brunette has also been called out for altering her backside. At the time it was not clear whether it was the clever work of photo editing or a surgical procedure. It later turned out to have been Instagram filters that made her bum look monstrous.

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If indeed Kylie has had a boob job, she will not be the first member of the larger Kardashian clan to have done so. Her sisters, Kim and Khloe have also been accused of undergoing surgical enhancements with a view to making certain parts of their bodies bigger.