Kim Kardashian Robbed The Second Time Amid Progress Reports From Investigations For Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian has shockingly become the subject of yet another robbery just a few months after she was gagged and robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Kim was hoping for a peaceful and better year but it appears the universe has better plans for her because she was recently targeted in yet another robbery. This time the heinous act took place in her Dash store in Los Angeles which is a shared business with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Fortunately this time, no guns were involved and it was not major compared to the Paris Heist.

Kim’s second robbery was carried out by a woman

This time Kim was not robbed by armed robbers, instead the Dash store was robbed by a woman on Monday and she was alone and unarmed. Reports claim that the woman masqueraded as a regular customer but then she grabbed some merchandise and ran out of the store. The store is located on Melrose Avenue and the robbery took place in broad daylight.

Kim Kardashian robbed again

“The suspect is described as a female black adult in her 30s with a shaved head.She was inside the location and stole approximately $1,600 (£1,300) worth of merchandise without paying for them,” one of the police officers handling the matter reported.

The recent robbery was nothing compared to what happened roughly four months ago

The female robber was seen fleeing the scene in a silver Kia as her getaway car with a black male adult as her accomplice. The vehicle had paper plates making it difficult for the authorities to track down the suspects. Investigations are still ongoing. The value of the merchandise stolen from the Kardashian store was nothing compared to what Kim lost in the Paris robbery.

Kim will probably not be traumatized by the Dash store robbery though it will probably bother her. Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had a rough time after the Paris heist because she lost millions of dollars and it also left her traumatized. She was robbed by five armed men at gunpoint and they also gagged her in a bathtub.

Kim Kardashian robbed again

The incident forced Kim to seclude herself and even went silent on social media for a few months. The start of the new year saw Kim make a comeback on social media and she even started making more public appearances proving that she was ready to put the past behind her and move on with her life. She has also been planning to return to her busy work life.

Though the Dash store in LA was robbed on Monday, it was not the first time that it was targeted by thugs. Last year, a man tried to burn down the store but he did not succeed. While the recent robbery might not have a huge impact on Kim and her sisters, there are worries that it might trigger the trauma she experienced from the Paris robbery. She has been having therapy sessions to help her cope and overcome the trauma but another robbery risks undoing all the progress.

Kim proved she was strong no matter what came her way and she found a way to overcome the situation including her husband being hospitalized after a mental breakdown a few months after the Paris robbery. The three Kardashian sisters launched the Dash store in 2006 as a joint venture. As for the Paris robbery, 17 suspects have been arrested so far which is great news for the reality star and her family. Kim is yet to make any comments about the Dash store robbery but it is very unlikely that she will let it bother her.

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