The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House Was On Fire After Austin Armacost And Jasmine Waltz Enjoyed A Steamy Naked Shower Together

Things are starting to get steamy in the 2017 edition of Celebrity Big Brother, as two of the housemates, Austin Armacost and Jasmine Waltz, were the first to share a naked shower together. Jasmine Waltz was one of the first contestants that seemed eager to get naked, sharing a steamy naked shower with one of her housemates. To the surprise of many, the American model was not getting down to her bare essentials for either Calum Best or Jamie O’Hara, but opted for the choice of sharing this moment in television history with American reality TV personality Austin Amracost. Austin shared the news of his naked rendezvous with his fellow housemates, still prancing around his rather revealing underwear.

“We’re bringing the morality rate from here, down to here. It was pretty hot and honestly I kinda wanted to put my tongue in place.”

The reality TV star, who split from his partner Jake Lees in July last year, pulled this stunt as his second big attention-grabbing exposure. His first attention-seeking stunt saw the 28-year-old model strip down to his extremely skimpy underwear during the highlights show.

The steamy shower scene with fellow American Jasmine Waltz came soon after she created a fuss in the Big Brother house when Spencer Pratt questioned her about her feelings for Calum and Jamie during a very divulging game of dare. Pratt questioned the American model on who she would rather enjoy a steamy shower or sexy session in the hot tub with. Waltz admitted that she would prefer to spend time in the hot tub with Calum, rather than share a steamy shower with Jamie.

Austin Armacost and Jasmine Waltz enjoyed a naked shower togther

Austin, wearing nothing but his tight pants (that left very little to the imagination), made his way through the garden to some of the housemates and did a little dance before questioning them about the apparent hot tub party he thought they were having. Calum seemed to appreciate the jester, if only slightly, commenting on Austin’s fit physique.

“If I was gay I’d be all over it!”

Jasmine’s choice of Calum rather than Jamie made quite a few waves throughout the Celebrity Big Brother house, which was noticed by the show’s fans, and prompted Calum Best to lay into Loose Women star Coleen Nolan after she exclaimed that the son of the Northern Irish and Manchester United football legend George Best was more of a “one night stand” kind of guy.

Elsewhere in the house, Coleen disclosed that thanks to the antics of Calum Best and Jamie O’Hara, she had unceremoniously “wet herself.” She confessed that giggling at the pair of jokers had become a bit too much for her at times during the week.

“I am at the age where after a certain amount of laughter, it’s something that I can’t control.”

Austin Armacost and Jasmine Waltz enjoyed a naked shower togther

The sexy Austin did give fans an intimate look into his life when he announced that he was asexual, admitting that he “is like a nun between the sheets.” There does, however, seem to be a little love triangle brewing in the Big Brother house between Jasmine, Calum, and Jamie. The three have shared some close moments and the emotions seem to be getting the best of the contestants, as no one is a clear-cut winner in this triangle just yet. It does, however, seem that at this junction, Calum is winning the war of the hearts; even though Jamie admits that he is really into Jasmine, he is more concerned about losing his mate Calum over the debacle than actually making things work with Jasmine.

With the steamy Jasmine and Austin naked shower seeming to be on everybody’s lips, the tension in the house is palpable, and building to what feels like catastrophic levels. The tension is palpable as the housemates appear to be struggling to get along, with absolutely no thanks to Jasmine and her choice of Austin as her naked shower buddy.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]